Order of the day

Friday 19 November

12,00:XNUMX pm: Accreditations

16,00:XNUMX p.m.: Constitution of the Congress and report by the president of the COC, José María Bellido.

16,15:XNUMX p.m.: Election of the Congress Bureau, who takes their place.


16,20:XNUMX p.m.: Speech by the provincial president of the PP of Granada, Francisco Rodríguez.

16,30:XNUMX p.m.: Video Rocío Díaz, director of the Alhambra in Granada.

16,35:XNUMX p.m.: Report of the Accounts Committee, by the Treasurer, Ignacio Díez Bernal.

16,50:XNUMX p.m.: Presentation of the Organization Regulations

It is coordinated by the Deputy Secretary General of the Andalusian PP, Toni Martín, and the president of the Huelva PP, Manuel Andrés González; the Vice Secretary of Productive Sectors, Pablo Venzal; the president of the PP of Cádiz, Bruno García de León; and the CEA Area Secretary, Roberto Escamilla.

17,25:XNUMX p.m.: Entrepreneur table, economic growth and employment.

  • Moderator: Sol Cruz Guzmán.
    They intervene:
  • Javier González de Lara, president of CEA and vice president of CEOE.
  • Lorenzo Amor, president of ATA and vice president of CEOE
  • Gerardo Cuerva, President of CEPYME and Vice President of CEOE

18,00:XNUMX p.m.: Regional presidents table.

They intervene:

  • Juan Vivas (Ceuta)
  • Fernando Lopez Miras (Murcia)
  • Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (Castilla y León)
  • Alberto Núñez Feijóo (Galicia)
  • Isabel Diaz Ayuso (Madrid)
  • Juanma Moreno (Andalusia), who introduces and moderates

19,00:XNUMX p.m.: Lecture "Green Andalusia"

They are coordinated by the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo, and the Minister of Public Works, Infrastructure and Territorial Planning, Marifrán Carazo. The president of the PP of Seville, Virginia Pérez; the Deputy Secretary for Development and Territorial Planning, Miguel Ángel Torrico; the Deputy Secretary for Rural Development and the Environment, Yolanda Sáez; the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre; and the president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Francis Salado.

19,35:XNUMX p.m.: End of the day

Saturday November 20

10,00:XNUMX am: Table of the eight provincial presidents, moderated by Loles López, general secretary of the PP-A.

They intervene:

  • Javier Aureliano Garcia (Almeria)
  • Bruno Garcia de Leon (Cadiz)
  • Adolfo Molina (Cordoba)
  • Francisco Rodriguez (Grenada)
  • Manuel Andres Gonzalez (Huelva)
  • Erik Dominguez (Jaen)
  • Elias Bendodo (Malaga)
  • Virginia Perez (Seville)

10,30:XNUMX am: Video: Management of the pandemic by the Andalusian government.

10,35:XNUMX: Intervention by Dr. Belén Jiménez (Manager of the Antequera Hospital and the Northern Health Area of ​​Málaga-Antequera)

10,50: Juanma Moreno gives him a recognition on behalf of the entire PP of Andalusia.

11,00:XNUMX am: Management report of the outgoing executive, by the general secretary, Loles López.

11,30:XNUMX a.m.: Presentation "Andalusia for All"

Coordinated by the Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre. The president of the PP of Granada, Francisco Rodríguez; the president of the PP of Almería, Javier Aureliano García; the deputy secretary of the Andalusian PP Welfare Society, Ana Carmen Mata; and the president of the PP of Jaén, Erik Domínguez.

12,05 pm: Intervention Teodoro García, general secretary of the PP

12,30:8 pm: Mayors 10.000 (mayors with fewer than XNUMX inhabitants)

Moderator: Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, President of the Council of Mayors PP-A Participants: Lourdes Ramos, Mayor of Gádor (Almería)

  • Vanesa Beltrán, mayoress of Prado del Rey (Cádiz).
  • Lola Sánchez, mayoress of Villanueva de Córdoba (Córdoba)
  • María Vera, mayoress of Torre Cardela (Granada)
  • Diego del Toro, mayor of Villalba del Alcor (Huelva)
  • Virtudes Puertas, mayoress of La Puerta de Segura (Jaén)
  • Ma Carmen Moreno, mayoress of Archez (Málaga)
  • Jorge Muriel, mayor of Herrera (Seville).

13,05:XNUMX p.m.: Statement Elías Bendodo, Minister of the Presidency of the Junta de Andalucía: "Change Works"

13,25:XNUMX p.m.: Lecture "Future Andalusia"

They are coordinated by the Ministers of Finance and European Financing, Juan Bravo; and of Culture and Historical Heritage, Patricia del Pozo. The mayor of Algeciras, José Ignacio Landaluce; the president of the PP of Córdoba, Adolfo Molina; the mayor of Almería, Ramón Fernández Pacheco; and the mayoress of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz).

14,00:XNUMX p.m.: End of day tomorrow

17,00:XNUMX p.m.: Young act (in the hall of the Palace) Enrique Rodríguez (president of Nuevas Generaciones) and Juanma Moreno spoke. With questions from young people.

18,00:XNUMX p.m.: Table on Andalusian Talent:

They intervene:

  • Álvaro Moreno, fashion businessman.
  • Irene Gómez-Calado, conductor of the Orchestra.
  • Elena Luque, CEO of Pass View
  • Domi Vélez, best baker in the world (intervenes by video call)
  • Moderator: Enrique Rodríguez, president of NNGG-A.

18,35:XNUMX p.m.: Tribute to PPA presidents.

18,50:XNUMX p.m.: Intervention by the candidate for the presidency of the PP-A, Juanma Moreno.
19,35:XNUMX p.m.: Voting

20,45:XNUMX p.m.: Announcement of results.

Sunday November 21

9,30:XNUMX am: Meeting of the elected Regional Executive Committee

10,25: Block institutional groups:

10,25:XNUMX a.m.: Report GPP Parliament of Andalusia. Speaker: José Antonio Nieto, spokesman for the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia

10,45:XNUMX a.m.: Deputies and Senators Group Report. The coordinator, Carlos Rojas, intervenes.

11,00:XNUMX a.m.: Tables of Presidents of the Popular Party in Autonomous Communities.

12,00:XNUMX a.m. Closing:

Juanma Moreno, president of PP-A

Pablo Casado, president of the PP

Papers 16th PP-A Congress

The 16th Regional Congress of the Andalusian PP, "Andalusia, change works" focuses on the Andalusians. That is why we open our presentations to the civic society, entities, professionals and in general to any Andalusian who wants to bring us their proposals.


From the Andalusian PP we work for a fair, social Andalusia that works for equal opportunities. With seamless support for education, health and social action.


Based on entrepreneurship, talent and leadership, under the principles of an efficient, innovative and fair administration, measures and projects that are capable of developing a welfare system in the Andalusia of the Future.



It analyzes the challenges and opportunities of a green economy, sustainable land use planning and comprehensive environmental protection.


It allows our organization to structure itself at the service of society and the institutions that represent it effectively, adapting to the new social reality, simplifying bodies, making it more agile, more open and participatory.