General Elections 2023 in Andalusia

The President of the Government of Spain Pedro Sánchez announced on the morning of May 29 that he is bringing forward the general elections in Andalusia and Spain on July 23, 2023. The PSOE presents Pedro Sánchez as a candidate.

The president dissolves the Cortes Generales. Sánchez has assured that he "assumes" responsibility for the results of the Municipal Elections on May 28, in which the PSOE has lost in votes against the Popular Party and has been defeated in almost all its large municipal and autonomous territories.

The declaration was made on the steps of La Moncloa, the most emblematic place of the presidential complex, the head of the Executive has informed King Felipe VI of the electoral call. According to Pedro Sánchez, it is the "most infallible method" to find out the opinion of the Spanish.

The markets have not taken the electoral advance well and the IBEX has gone from being in the green to losing in the red know the news. If you want vote by mail in the 2023 General Election you can check this page: How to vote by mail in the 2023 General Election, you will find reference information on the steps to follow and the official web pages with detailed information. From the May 30 until July 13, 2023 You can request a vote by mail.

Outstanding issues and last minute of the General Elections

Electoral advance step by step

When it is decided to advance the general elections in Spain, deadlines are established and a specific process is followed to guarantee transparency and citizen participation in the electoral process. The following is a step-by-step description and the main legal references and official web pages are cited.

  1. Dissolution of the Cortes Generales: To advance the elections, the President of the Government, after deliberation by the Council of Ministers, must request the King to dissolve the Cortes Generales. This is governed by article 99 of the Spanish Constitution.
  2. Call for elections: After the dissolution of the Cortes Generales, the King calls for general elections, according to article 99 of the Constitution. The Royal Decree of convocation establishes the date of the elections and other relevant aspects, such as the deadline for the presentation of candidacies.
  3. Application submission period: The Central Electoral Board establishes the term for the presentation of candidacies, which is usually about 15 days from the call for elections. During this period, political parties and coalitions can register their candidates for elections.
  4. Electoral campaign: Once the term for the presentation of candidacies has closed, the electoral campaign begins. The duration of the campaign is determined by the Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime (LOREG), which currently establishes a minimum of fifteen days. During the campaign, political parties hold rallies, debates, and other activities to present their proposals to citizens.
  5. Electoral journey: On the day established for the general elections, citizens go to the polling stations to exercise their right to vote. Polling stations are open for a set period of time, generally from morning to afternoon. When the polls close, the votes are counted.
  6. Proclamation of results: Once the vote count is finished, the results are proclaimed by the Central Electoral Board. The final results will determine the composition of the Congress of Deputies and, where appropriate, of the Senate.

Related legal references:

Official web pages referring to the general elections:

It is important to note that the deadlines and procedures may be subject to change depending on the specific circumstances of each electoral call. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the official sources and be attentive to the relevant updates in each particular case.

2023 General Election Schedule

Summary table of the calendar for the General Elections 2023

These are the key dates of the 2023 general elections and the absentee ballot.

Date Event
May 30 Dissolution of the Congress of Deputies and the Senate
5 al 12 de junio Consultation and rectification of the Electoral Census
14 al 19 de junio Presentation of candidacies
24 al 28 de junio Draw for the members of the polling stations
May 30 Beginning of the Vote by Mail application
July 7th Beginning of the electoral campaign
July 13th Deadline to request a vote by mail
July 17th Deadline to publish election polls
July 21th End of the electoral campaign
July 22th Reflection journey
July 23th General elections
July 29th Concludes the final count (CERA)
17 August Deadline to establish the chambers

You can consult more complete information in the PDF with the Official calendar of the Central Electoral Board for the 2023 General Elections. On May 30 it is officially published in the State Gazette and on Sunday, July 23, general elections will be held in Spain. The electoral law does not impose impediments to an electoral call of this type. It can be done every day of the week, it can be any day of the year, including summer periods.

La call for general elections It is carried out by royal decree, with the endorsement of the President of the Government and after deliberation by the Council of Ministers. In early general elections, the president has to dissolve the Cortes Generales and the date of the elections must be established in the decree of dissolution.

The terms and procedures of the general elections in Andalusia are governed by the Organic Law 5/1985, of June 19, of the General Electoral Regime.

In rural areas of India, families in charge of a blind minor frequently isolate and deprive him/her of the care and attention they provide to their other children; such situation becomes even more severe among lower-caste families, orphans and if the blind child is a girl. elections general, citizens vote for the lists of candidates proposed by the political parties or by independent voter groups. The councilors elected in each municipality make up the plenary session of the city council, and their number varies depending on the size of the population of the municipality.

Polling station deadlines

These are the legal deadlines for polling stations in the 2023 General Elections:

  • Notification: The members of the tables will be notified between the 28 for June and the 1 for July.
  • Excuses: The notified persons may present their allegations of the 1 to 8 July.
  • Definitive decision: It will be taken between 8 and the 13 of July.

You can check details in the PDF: Official calendar of the 2023 General Elections of the Ministry of the Interior

Candidates of the Popular Party for the 2023 General Elections

In this section we will offer you the list of people who will lead the lists of the capitals of the eight Andalusian provinces in which 2023 General Elections.

Photo of the candidates from the eight provinces of Andalusia

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, a photo has been taken with the eight candidates who occupy the first position in the list of the provinces of Andalusia.

election day

El July 23th It is electoral day, the day of voting in the General Elections. You can vote from 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, you can start voting in the different places set up for the elections, the polling stations, and the polls will close at 20:00 p.m.

polling stations

A series of people with very important functions participate in the elections, below we will explain the most relevant ones and what their function is.

  • President of the Electoral Board: This is the person in charge of guaranteeing the transparency and correct administration of the voting process at a polling station. She has several responsibilities, such as supervising the voting, resolving conflicts and disputes, directing the counting of the votes, and communicating the results to the Electoral Board. Normally, this person is a citizen randomly selected by the Electoral Census Office.
  • Vocals of the Electoral Table: They are the citizens who assist the president of the polling station in the administration of the electoral process. Vocals are responsible for supervising voting, verifying the identity of people who go to vote at the polling station, ensuring that each voter votes only once, and assisting in counting the votes.
  • interveners: The interveners are representatives of the political parties at the polling stations. Its role is to oversee the electoral process to ensure that it is conducted in a fair and transparent manner. They have the right to be present during the entire electoral process, from the opening of the polls to the counting of the votes. They also have the ability to make objections if they feel that the process is not being carried out correctly.
  • Agents: The attorneys also represent the political parties and have the same functions as the auditors. The main difference is that a proxy has mobility between different polling stations and polling stations, while the controller can only be at a table.

official figures

The main official entities and officials in the Elections are:

  • Members of the Electoral Board: The Electoral Board is the body that supervises the elections and guarantees that they are carried out in accordance with the electoral laws and regulations. Its members are responsible for resolving electoral disputes, validating the results, and overseeing the vote count.
  • Electoral Census Officials: They are responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the electoral roll, which is the official list of all persons registered to vote. Their work includes updating the list, removing the names of people who are no longer eligible to vote, and adding the names of new voters. Your role is essential to ensure that only eligible people can vote in elections.

Each of these roles has a crucial role in the administration of the elections and in ensuring the transparency, fairness and legality of the electoral process.

Vote by mail in the 2023 General Elections

In addition to the summary that we offer you below, we have prepared several thematic articles on voting by mail in the General Elections that you may be interested in consulting: How to vote by mail y Frequently asked questions (FAQ) when voting by mail.


  • Deadlines: From May 30 to July 13, 2023 you can request the mail vote
  • Voters who want to vote by mail must know the deadline to request the Certificate of their registration in the corresponding Electoral Census.

To streamline procedures and avoid waiting, the company offers the option of APPOINTMENT for the request to vote in offices. In these 2023 General Elections you can also request vote by mail online through the app, the Correos website or the Virtual Office. The voter must select the office that has a prior appointment and choose the day and time that best suits them.

We explain what those people who want to vote by mail and how to order. To request to vote by mail the following steps must be followed:

  • Pick up the application form at a post office.
  • Indicate on the forms the postal address to which you want the electoral documentation to be sent. It can be the usual address, the place of work or even a post office box. (It can be your place of work, and even a post office box.
  • When the Electoral Census Office has this data, it will send the following documentation to the indicated address, which can only be received by the person requesting it:
    • Ballot of each one of the political formations that are presented to each one of the summoned processes.
    • voting envelope for each process.
    • Digital Certificate registration in the census.
    • Electoral table envelope, in which the information of your polling station will be written.
    • explanatory sheet. On how to complete the documentation.

To complete the voting process you must do the following:

  • Choose the ballot of the formation you want to vote for and put it in the voting envelope.
  • Place the certificate of registration in the census in an envelope in the envelope on which the address of your polling station is written and the envelope with the ballot paper.
  • Go with the envelope to a Post Office and send it by certified mail up to 4 days before election day.

Notes and links with information about voting by mail

Vote by mail vs Vote in person

If voting by mail is requested, You cannot vote in person, so not if the vote is requested by mail, it is not sent, when going to the electoral college thinking You will not be able to vote on July 23.
Vote by mail can be requested in two ways. Either in person at a Post Office presenting the DNI or electronically through the Correos website. For this last option, it is required to have the electronic ID or the digital certificate with which to identify yourself. We explain this in detail in our Guide to voting by mail in the 2023 General Election.
The next step is for the ballots to arrive at the address indicated on the application. The delivery by the Post Office must be by hand because the applicant has to re-identify himself with his ID. If for any reason you are not at home on the day of delivery, the applicant will have to pick up the certified letter in person at your Post Office.
In the envelope they explain the procedure in detail. All the ballots from the different political parties and the envelopes where each one must be inserted come. Once you have voted in this way, you have to return to a Post Office to send the vote by certified mail to the corresponding polling station.

Vote by mail schedule

Key dates in voting by mail in the 2023 General Elections:

In this space we will put the calendar information shortly.

How to vote from abroad in the General Elections

As reported by Foreign website, persons of Spanish nationality who are registered as residents in the consular demarcation and who are registered in the Electoral Census of Absent Residents (vote WAX).

On the other hand, people of Spanish nationality who are temporarily in a consular demarcation and are registered as non-residents in the Consular Registration Register (ERTA vote).

General Election Frequently Asked Questions

In our special section Frequently Asked Questions about the 2023 General Election You will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions and queries about these elections.

Links of interest related to the 2023 General Elections

Candidacies presented in the 2023 General Elections

Here we will offer the list of official links corresponding to the candidacies presented by all political parties in the General Elections of July 23, 2023, as it is on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of Spain.

Featured in Andalusia

Frequently Asked Questions about the 2023 General Election

Surveys published in the General Elections in Andalusia

We offer a list of the news in the media and polling companies that are being published about the voting forecasts in Andalusia for the next national elections.

Proposals of the PP for the General Elections



  • Making it easier for all those who want to be parents to become one, with bonuses to hire working mothers indefinitely and increasing the family income tax minimum for the second child.
  • Truly betting on conciliation until we are at the head of Europe, promoting labor flexibility in such a way that an hours bank is created and workers who are parents can take hours to be with their families and compensate them at another time.
  • Advancing in education and training, guaranteeing free nursery schools from 0 to 3 years of age and giving parents control over the Internet content their children access.

Job vacancies

Our two major objectives include exceeding 22 million employed persons in the next legislature and placing Spain on the podium of the fastest growing countries in the EU.

To do this, first of all, we will carry out an audit of public accounts, we will form a smaller government and we will lower personal income tax for income earners of less than 40.000 euros so that families can face the unstoppable rise in prices. This is an ethical commitment that we will implement in the first hundred days.

We will change employment policies through the training check that gives freedom of choice to the unemployed and with job orientation supported by Big Data. We will introduce portable individual accounts for workers that they can use for various contingencies in their working lives.

Downloads of data related to the General Elections

Municipalities of Andalusia by provinces

Download in Excel format the Municipalities of Andalusia by provinces. Consult the 785 municipalities of Andalusia with their official municipality code and the number of inhabitants according to the INE as of 2022.

Complete lists of the Popular Party in the 2023 General Elections

The complete lists of the candidates presented by the Popular Party throughout Spain for the General Elections can be consulted in the following document in PDF format: Electoral lists of the Congress of Deputies and the Senate of the PP for the general elections of July 23, 2023.

2019 General Election Results

Here we will offer the results that occurred in Andalusia in the last general elections on November 19, 2019.