Jesus Aguirre defends that people are “the center of political action” of the PP government to achieve a “more just and social” Andalusia
• Javier Aureliano García encourages Juanma Moreno's change to continue working "with the people" in order to connect all Andalusians and achieve equality "throughout the territory and in all areas"
• Manuel Andrés González appreciates the participation of the people, associations and groups that have contributed their ideas and proposals to this forum.

The Andalusian Popular Party has held a new regional forum within the framework of its next 16th Autonomous Congress to add the proposals of civil society to the presentation 'Andalucía de todos', which will mark the political axis in health, social, educational and health matters. equality of the Andalusian formation for its new stage.

"From the Andalusian Popular Party we defend that the center of political action is people, their development and their needs," said the spokesman for Health and Families of the Andalusian PP and counselor for the branch, Jesús Aguirre, who has participated in this forum regional meeting held in Huelva together with the president of the Huelva PP, Manuel Andrés González, and the president of the Almería PP, Javier Aureliano García.

Aguirre has indicated that the presentation that he coordinates for the next congress of the popular "we collect a political program to achieve a fair and social Andalusia through proposals in the health, educational, social and equality fields."

Thus, he has remarked that "we defend a single health system where all resources are put at the service of citizens to improve and guarantee their health", while in the educational field "the model we defend is based mainly on betting on an education of quality, guaranteeing freedom of choice for families and equal opportunities, and working to achieve a great Social Pact for Education, removing this essential service from the ideological battle”.

Likewise, Aguirre explained that "in the field of social and equality policies, we are committed to a new Law on Guarantees of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and to approve a Law on Early Childhood Care."

Along with this, he has also reiterated “an improvement in the coordination, financing, agility and effectiveness of the benefits of social services to eliminate waiting lists” and approve a Conciliation and Co-responsibility Plan for Andalusia.

Meanwhile, Manuel Andrés González, has thanked the participation and collaboration of the associations and groups that have participated in said forum contributing their vision, needs and suggestions and adding them to those of the members of the Popular Party to add together and contribute to the presentation that foreseeably it will be approved in the Autonomous Congress.

For his part, Javier Aureliano García, has indicated that "our obligation is to draw up a roadmap to achieve an Andalusian society with more opportunities" as this presentation will establish that "society is doing and that it is open to continue adding".

"The Government of Juanma Moreno has made a moderate and calm change in which everyone is winning, and we want Andalusia to be better by making that change work with the people."

The president of the PP from Almeria thus defends "a more just and egalitarian society", since otherwise "we will not be able to be a modern and mature society". With this, he has proposed "connecting people, not just territories, and achieving that equality in all areas and throughout the territory, whether they are rural or coastal areas, cities or towns."