Eleonora Viezzer, professor at the Sevilla University (US) and member of the department of Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics, has achieved a significant milestone in his scientific career. She has been awarded one of the prestigious ERC Consolidator Grants awarded by the European Research Council, aimed at researchers with a career of 7 to 12 years and an "excellent" scientific profile.

Second ERC Grants for Eleonora Viezzer

This recognition is not the first for Viezzer; In 2018, she had already received an ERC Starting Grant, making her the first researcher at the University of Seville to obtain two ERC Grants. The latest grant she received from her amounts to more than two million euros, focused on her research in the field of nuclear fusion.

Professor Viezzer occupies a prominent role in one of the universities of public education most important in Spain: The University of Seville. Viezzer is a full professor and part of the dean's team at the Faculty of Physics. Additionally, she co-leads the Plasma Science and Fusion Technology (PSFT) group together with Professor Manuel García.

Nuclear fusion as an energy source

His work focuses on nuclear fusion, a clean and virtually inexhaustible source of energy, and one of the most promising solutions to meet future energy needs in a sustainable manner. With funding from the ERC Consolidator Grant, Viezzer and his team at the PSFT will dedicate themselves to researching new methods of plasma confinement in the Smart tokamak, a unique device of its kind at the University of Seville.

This spherical tokamak is the only one in the world capable of operating with negative triangularity, allowing the exploration of innovative confinement regimes that minimize the interaction of plasma with the reactor walls, thus opening the way to more compact and efficient fusion reactors.

In his research, Viezzer will use advanced techniques for the diagnosis of plasma fluctuations, contributing significantly to the advancement of nuclear fusion technology and the sustainable development of future energy sources.