• The president of the Andalusian PP asks the president of the Board to "get off the pedestal and open a dialogue process thinking about the interest of the Andalusians"
  • Moreno has closed the Regional Executive Committee of the Andalusian PP held in Cádiz, where he has assured that the PSOE is "the great factory of unemployment and poverty for our land"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has asked Susana Díaz this Tuesday to “get off the pedestal” and open a dialogue process that ends the period of uncertainty in which Andalusia is plunged. “We do not know if Susana Díaz is going to continue being president or she is going to make the leap to lead her party. We do not know if she wants to reconcile responsibilities that are incompatible. And uncertainty is the worst enemy of stability”, she has said.

At the closing of the Regional Executive Committee of the Andalusian PP, held today in Cádiz, Juanma Moreno has once again demanded that Díaz agree to dialogue with the rest of the political forces. “It is the demand of the citizens. The PP and Mariano Rajoy are doing it, we are giving in for the common good. But that tool is not used here. Susana Díaz is unable to practice dialogue and that disables her for future responsibilities ”, she has assured.

Moreno has pointed out that the socialists, after 35 years in power in Andalusia, "are incapable of solving problems and their recipes do not work." He wondered where the PSOE is "before the clamor of tens of thousands of Andalusians asking for decent healthcare, before the devastating PISA report, or when the Early Care Platform claims an adequate budget for their needs."

"The PSOE is the great factory of unemployment and poverty for our land," said Moreno, who recalled that, according to a recent study, of the ten cities with the most poverty in Spain, nine are Andalusian. "That is the socialism that condemns Andalusians generation after generation to the highest rates of poverty," Moreno assured.

Faced with this reality, Juanma Moreno has offered the ideas and initiatives of the Andalusian PP. “Call me because the PP will always be in defense of the Andalusians. If you want to agree on something, call me. Let's sit down, talk, and I will always help the general interests, ”she assured, addressing Susana Díaz.
The president of the Andalusian PP has indicated that the popular "we are going to work hard and tenacity." “This is a party of the street, we have collected 336.000 signatures against an unfair tax, that of successions; We have received complaints from thousands of users and Andalusian public health professionals. It is an inclusive, conciliatory party that represents the whole world, the present and future party of our land, and 2017 will be the year of consolidation”, he stated.

Moreno has referred to the Convention that the Andalusian PP will hold on the next 20 and 21, to point out that the appointment will serve "to open the doors of the party, to reinforce local structures and to reformulate our recipes." He has opted for a "united, democratic and open" party. "I am an enthusiastic defender of internal and external openness, openness to the participation of those of us who belong to the party and to the aspirations of those who need us out there," he said.

Moreno has asked Susana Díaz to “leave the arguments, the string of clichés, to go down two steps and sit with me. That for once he thinks of Andalusia and not of his internal troubles and his personal ambitions. That he defend Andalusia with common sense, with coherence, that he stop confronting, that he stop seeking anger with the PP town halls, with the Popular Group in Parliament and with the Andalusians who come out in free and spontaneous demonstrations, that he learn to listen and to share opinions”.