• "The Junta has been seized like a burning nail because it is its only political cartridge" after the failure of the primaries

• He believes that Susana Díaz "entrenches herself" in Andalusia because she needs to "reinvent herself"

• "Díaz was running as a new time and, in the end, these two years have been wasted time"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has demanded this Wednesday that Susana Díaz make a remodeling of her government "as soon as possible, tomorrow or, at the latest, in the government council next Tuesday", because it is about a "baked and paralyzed government."

In San Pedro de Alcántara, where she has attended a public act of the PP in Malaga, Juanma Moreno has indicated that the president of the Junta "should step aside if she has lost hope" and has accused her of "entrenching herself" in Andalusia to "reinvent himself", after his failure in the primaries to lead the PSOE. “Her problem with her – she added – is that she was not comfortable here, she had too much Andalusia”.

Moreno was concerned about "their drift after leaving Andalusia" and stated that the Junta is not a tool for people to live better, but "its only political cartridge" after the failure of the primaries, for which it has clung to she "like a burning nail."

The leader of the Andalusian PP recalled the moment in which Susana Díaz was postulating as a "new time" to affirm that, in the end, these two years have been "a lost time".

Juanma Moreno warned about the fact that the president of the Board has made herself available to Pedro Sánchez. “That can bring more pacts with Podemos like those of Marbella, Priego, Rincón de la Victoria and many others. That can mean a more resounding 'no' to the PP's recovery policies or bowing down in the face of sovereignist challenges, ”she said.