• The Andalusian PP asks to open a debate on the tougher penalties for those who cause forest fires

• "Sánchez has been eating a few kilometers from the Andalusian ports that receive thousands of immigrants and has not had the sensitivity to pay a visit"

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP, Loles López, has reproached this Monday the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, for not having taken advantage of his holidays in Andalusia to visit the ports where hundreds of immigrants arrive every day or the areas of the province of Huelva devastated by fires.

López visited the town of Valdelamusa (Huelva) this morning, accompanied by the president of the PP of Huelva, Manuel Andrés González, and by mayors of the area. There she has been able to see the consequences of the latest fires that have devastated the region.

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP has assured that Sánchez "has only been in office for two months and has already taken a vacation", and has accused the Prime Minister of "taking advantage of Merkel's presence to mount an advertising campaign and try to clean up his image ”. “Sánchez has been eating in Sanlúcar, a few kilometers from the area where the drama of immigration is experienced daily, and he has not been able to experience firsthand what is being suffered there, mainly by immigrants. He has not brought anything new to Andalusia ”, he said.

López has also pointed out that Sánchez "is on vacation in Doñana and has not had the sensitivity to appear in person at the fires that Huelva is suffering." She recalled that "last year, the Government delegate was present at all times, and the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Employment and, later, the Minister of Agriculture also attended to announce aid for the Doñana park."

“This year, no one from the Spanish Government has come to see what is happening in Huelva, or how the neighbors are doing or if there are enough resources. The least that Pedro Sánchez would have to do is come to this area”, he said.

Loles López has also referred to the need to open "a serious debate on the tougher penalties for those who cause forest fires", and has called for the unity of the institutions in this regard. “The Andalusian PP is in the facts, not in the headlines. We requested that the permanent deputation of Parliament be convened urgently to deal with the issue of immigration and the appearance of the counselor on the fires, and the government of Susana Díaz has not done anything. That says a lot about how important these problems are to the socialist government”.

López has expressed the gratitude of the Andalusian PP "to the professionals who work on fire to save lives, the environment and the economy of the municipalities", and has requested a special plan from the Junta de Andalucía because "the fires are put out in winter, and a prevention plan is necessary that includes the cleaning of the mountains and an economic and environmental plan with funds for the regeneration of the area and to attend to all the productive sectors affected”.

The president of the PP of Huelva, Manuel Andrés González, recalled that the Andalusian PP has presented in Parliament "infinite initiatives to try to prevent fires, and we have asked the councilor to approve a special plan for the province of Huelva but, As of today, nothing has been done." González has pointed out that "Pedro Sánchez has the opportunity to come to Andévalo, the Mining Basin and the Sierra to see first-hand the consequences of the fires and to ask Susana Díaz for a special plan that includes more financial resources to prevent fires" .