• The general secretary of the PPA points out that Díaz and the PSOE "are constantly in destruction, in throwing to the ground any measure that is put in place when the Andalusians demand unity"
• Reminds Díaz that "opposition is also built" and that "he cannot play with issues as essential as this pandemic and the start of the school year because it is harming the Andalusians"

The general secretary of the Andalusian Popular Party, Loles López, today demanded that the PSOE-A and its general secretary, Susana Díaz, "rectify" their "permanent" strategy of "destroying" and "seeking votes" at the expense of the pandemic and the start of the school year.
López, in statements to the media in Valverde del Camino, has indicated that "it is true that it is a complex course due to the Covid situation, but it is also true that the government of the Junta de Andalucía, the government of Juanma Moreno, is putting all the resources at their disposal so that this school year can be developed”.

In this sense, he added that "not only is it putting them, but everything that is in our power, without a doubt, is going to be done because we are talking about our boys, our girls and our adolescents."

For the general secretary of the PPA "in life there are transcendental moments and when these moments occur people require the unity of all because it is what is needed, that we all give the best of ourselves and here in Andalusia it is not being done in a transcendental issue like this by some”.

Thus, he has pointed out that "Mrs. Susana Díaz and the Socialist Party are constantly in destruction, they want to destroy any measure that is put in place, even when it is born from the dialogue with the educational community", because "she constantly tries to seek votes in a pandemic situation, when what it is about is safety, health in people's lives”.
Therefore, he has remarked that "it is time for this woman and the PSOE-A to rectify because in the opposition there is also to build and not to destroy permanently."

In this regard, he recalled that "when Juanma Moreno was in the opposition in Andalusia, there was a transcendental moment for Andalusia, as was the issue of financing" in which "we sided with Susana Díaz, who at that time governed, and we supported her in everything she needed”.

For this reason, López has considered that "the opposition is also built and I think that playing with an issue as essential as this pandemic, as the PSOE-A is doing, is not that it harms other political parties, it is that it harms the Andalusian people And he doesn't deserve it."
Thus, he concluded by stating that "Díaz should take an example of what all Andalusians are asking of us: unity, efforts, resources and everyone to watch over Andalusia, and in this case for development in the best possible conditions for the school year, because we are talking about something fundamental, essential and especially sensitive”.