• The parliamentary spokesperson of the PP, Toni Martín, highlights that “in the face of those who are determined to build walls to separate, the Andalusian Executive is determined to build bridges to unite”

• Underlines the push given by the Andalusian Government to social policies and the strengthening of public services, and highlights that today “the PP is the only one that flies the flag in defense of Andalusia”

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament, Toni Martín, has considered that Andalusia has undergone an exceptional transformation in recent years thanks to a Government, that of the PP and Juanma Moreno, “which has put the administration at the service of the Andalusians, of all Andalusians.” And he has assessed that, in the face of those who are committed to building walls to separate, “the regional Executive is committed to building bridges to unite.”

During his intervention in the Debate on the State of the Community, Martín highlighted that the Andalusian president “committed to developing useful policies for Andalusians, and he is fulfilling it to the letter.” Thus, he has placed emphasis on strengthening public services, for which 60% of the budgets are now allocated, and has made special mention of the health situation.

“It is evident that there are problems, and it always has to improve, but if before the strategy was to hide the waiting lists"Now the strategy is to combat them," he noted, then highlighting that there is now more investment, more professionals and more resources than ever. And after pointing out the efforts of the Andalusian Executive to solve the problems, he has predicted that "the result will be that Andalusia will have better public health."

The PP parliamentary spokesperson has also referred to the greater investment effort in education, increasing the number of teachers and managing to reduce the school dropout rate by six points, “which means that our young people now have more hope than before in having “a life project in Andalusia”.

He also recalled that it has been the PP of Andalusia that, since the Junta Government, has created more places to care for dependent people and the elderly, or that has begun to reduce the poverty rate in the community "and "We also do it at a faster speed than the country's average, almost five times faster." "And it is the Government that has taken steps forward in terms of equality, the one that has allocated the most funds to these policies, and the one that has implemented financial aid for orphans due to sexist violence."

In his speech, he also highlighted that the reformist roadmap has allowed Andalusia to leave the tailgate of negative economic and social indicators and move to the forefront. “There are more people employed than ever, we lead the creation of jobs in Spain, we have the largest number of self-employed workers, surpassing Communities that were always in that position; There are more companies, more affiliates of social security and we are the community with the greatest attractiveness for foreign investment and that breaks records in exports,” he listed.

“There was another way of doing things, that conformism in which socialism had mired this land was not going to change its future nor was it going to allow more prosperity,” he summarized, “the discourse of fear of change that these gentlemen promoted with the The hope that everything would remain the same worked for them for years, but one day the Andalusians said this is as far as we have come.”

For Martín, this fulfillment of the word given by the Andalusian president has been evident in the tax cuts and the implementation of measures that will allow Andalusian families to combat inflation. “This bet has worked, increasing the number of filers by more than half a million since 2018 and the collection by almost two billion euros,” he assessed, to highlight that “for every euro that we have stopped earning through the wealth tax "We have admitted six through personal income tax to strengthen health or education, and despite this the opposition continues with the noise of the tax on the rich."

At this point, he referred to the continuous grievances suffered by Andalusia from the Government of Spain – which he described as “the most anti-Andalusian in history” – in the last five years, “from trampling on regional powers to the scarce execution of investments.”

He has given as an example the conciliatory attitude of the PP in Parliament, where proposals from other groups have been "supported as long as the interest of Andalusia prevails, from a drought working group to initiatives in defense of equality and against violence gender, to remember a few, because we understand that they are tasks that we must all undertake together for the good of the Andalusians.”

However, he lamented, the response that is found "is almost always an ash, destructive, apocalyptic attitude", since "left and right base their strategy on blocking any type of agreement that comes from the centrality that their government and the Popular Party”.

“The group of Mr. Espadas is the group of No, always against everything, that is the PSOE of Pedro Sánchez and his partners everywhere, and that is the PSOE of Pedro Sánchez and Juan Espadas also in Andalusia,” in reference to the refusal of the socialists to join the proposal to support the recognition of the climatic uniqueness of Andalusia or the claim to the central government of the hydraulic infrastructures vital for the future of the region.

Thus, in the face of the national pacts "of shame, or rather, of the lack of shame, because they imply the denial of the equality of all Spaniards", he has pointed out in reference to the investiture agreements, he has assured that the PP of Andalusia "will continue to fulfill the mandate that the Andalusians gave us, both those who voted for us and those who preferred other options, to put this land above any objective."

“We are going to defend equal treatment for all territories, without privileges of some over others, and we will maintain our request that the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council meet as soon as possible to begin the reform of the financing system once and for all. autonomous, so that Andalusia does not continue to lose the income that rightfully belongs to it," he noted, to then highlight that the PP is "the only party that today stands and flies the flag of Andalusia."

Finally, Martín has considered that the proposed law for territorial planning in the County of Huelva region promoted by the PP has been the necessary lever to reach an agreement and solve “a problem caused to farmers by socialism when they governed. board". “They can count all the milongas they want, Mr. Espadas can continue imploring that someone believe that he had something to do with this agreement, but Huelva knows the reality well, the people of Huelva know it well and their farmers know it well: that The tremendous injustice that kept them in a legal limbo on the margins of legality is now, fortunately for them, a bad memory thanks to Juanma Moreno, his government, the Popular Party, our parliamentary group and this Bill” that “Now it is left in a drawer and will decay when the legislature ends.”