• "She is overwhelmed and absent because she dedicates a lot of energy to the mess of her party but very little to the mess her government gets us into"
  • Calls on Díaz to "abandon pride and start a dialogue" and proposes a plan to expand staff, an infrastructure map and an agreement with professionals on the management model
  • "While Díaz strips the daisy, Andalusia bleeds to death"

The president of the Andalusian Popular Party, Juanma Moreno, today accused Susana Díaz of "taking too long lying and demagogy about health." She pointed out that "the Andalusians have made an amendment to her entire health management" and asked her to "learn her lesson, because you must also be tired of being booed wherever you go."

During his speech at the control session of the Andalusian Parliament, Moreno affirmed that Díaz has acted "with great clumsiness and arrogance in the face of the health crisis" and assured that the resignations of the leadership of the Ministry of Health "are the recognition of its disastrous management and its cuts”. He added that the management of the health crisis is "proof of his impotence, because his government does not solve any problem."

The president of the Andalusian PP stated that Andalusia has serious problems and Díaz is "overwhelmed and absent, because he devotes a lot of energy to the mess of his party but very little to the trouble his government gets us into."

Juanma Moreno affirmed that the deterioration of health is a problem that Díaz and his government have caused because "he has been despising professionals for a long time, dismantling Primary Care and delaying a map of health infrastructures that is necessary."

He demanded that he "abandon arrogance and start a dialogue with users, unions, platforms and political groups." In this sense, he proposed to discuss a plan to expand staff and recognition of labor rights, a Health Infrastructure Map and an agreement with professionals on the management model.

Moreno demanded that Díaz "do not engage in demagogy because the only business with health has been an urban hit with the sale of his party headquarters in Huelva." He also asked "who bought medicines at inflated prices", in reference to the complaints against the former Deputy Minister of Health Martín Blanco for attracting donations from companies from which he bought medicines at an extra cost.

The popular leader affirmed that "while Díaz defoliates the daisy on whether he will run for the general secretariat of his party, Andalusia bleeds to death" and warned that "we Andalusians are paying a very high price for his ambition."

He assured that "the leaders of his party are already moving to occupy the empty chair" and defended that "Andalusia needs stability and a full-time president and not with reduced hours."

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