• Ask Díaz for a monographic “face to face” debate on educational policy in Andalusia
• Calls for psychological treatments in breast cancer and reconstructions on the fly in some cases
• We must fight so that all these affected women have hope that this disease will be defeated and they can continue with their daily lives.

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, met today in Huelva with affected groups on the World Day against Breast Cancer and promised that the next government of the Popular Party in the Junta de Andalucía guarantee cancer treatments in thirty days.

Moreno commented, after the meeting, the "logical concern" about this disease to improve public health, which we are going to face once I am president of the Board. That is why we want that from the time tests begin until the start of cancer treatment, everything is done in less than thirty days. In order not to generate suffering, in order not to generate anguish, in order not to delay diagnostic tests, which can have fatal consequences for the patient, or delay treatment.

She also called for psychological treatments for breast cancer, which “is not yet covered by the SAS and is so necessary for this disease. And something fundamental, which is the reconstruction of the breast, which unfortunately there is a very long delay by the SAS and in which in some cases it could be done at the same time”.

The leader of the PP was convinced of the need to "fight so that all those affected women have hope that this disease will be defeated and they can continue with their daily lives, with their family and work lives, without having major repercussions ”.

On the controversy over Education in Andalusia, Moreno stated that "if socialism wants to talk about education, I challenge Mrs. Díaz to a face-to-face monograph on educational policy in Andalusia in any of the Spanish media, in the place you want and at the time you want so that we can debate the models of educational management”.

Strength as we Andalusians have, we cannot be at the same level as others from the point of view of educational quality”.