• Offered to the PSOE and Susana Díaz to get the necessary majority in the Andalusian Parliament
• Remember the suffering of the affected families, who are "those most interested in an agreement"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, visited today in Huelva the families of fishermen affected by the ban on the cricket fishing and demanded urgent changes in the fishing regulations for this mollusk to "prevent many families from going to ruin ”.
The leader of the PP Analuz affirmed that "the government of the Junta has to modify the current regulations and has to express its will in agreement with this sector so that we solve this problem." He stressed that many families "can't make ends meet and they are losing everything they have worked for a lifetime because their boats are moored."
Moreno recalled the express will of all those affected to support the fishing grounds, since they are the first interested in ensuring that there is a balance. "They are the most interested in maximum transparency and are willing to collaborate as much as possible."
The leader of the PP requested a modification of the regulations in three fundamental points, "the first is the size, we already know the competition that makes us a European partner such as Italy, the second the catch limit and the third the schedules."
Moreno regretted that until now it has not been possible to change this regulation due to "the lack of interest and even the lack of respect on the part of the Ministry and the general director towards this sector."
He summoned Mrs. Díaz to "give the precise and immediate orders so that her adviser and not another person who is not her adviser, sit down immediately to unblock this situation."
Juanma Moreno advanced that the Andalusian PP "will continue to fight in Parliament and I make myself available to the PSOE and Mrs. Díaz, in case modifications need to be made that require the majority of the Andalusian Parliament, the Parliamentary Group will be here Popular to help the PSOE”.