• Commits to maintaining a stable environment for the industry to grow in the region, promoting vocational training, lowering the tax burden and simplifying administrative procedures.

• Appreciates that Huelva becomes the 'capital' of the green hydrogen of Spain, with a cluster of 80 companies, 2.200 million earmarked and the creation of 20.000 jobs

The president of the PP of Andalusia and candidate for re-election as president of the Board, Juanma Moreno, has promised this Friday to maintain a favorable environment in the autonomous community so that the industrial fabric continues to grow, as it has done during these almost four years.

“There is no economy without industry. We have strengths in the agri-food, tourism and technological sectors, but we cannot complete this virtuous circle of the economy if we do not have industrial capacity. In addition, industry, as we have seen, behaves better in a crisis, maintaining employment and the wage level. We have to bet on a responsible, serious and rigorous industry with the environment and sustainability”, he declared.

Moreno visited the Huelva company Atlantic Copper this Friday, together with its CEO, Javier Targhetta, among other multinational workers, and the number one candidate of the PP in the province of Huelva for the Parliament of Andalusia, Loles López.

There, he has transferred his commitment to the industry, which, as he has said, depends on having sufficient energy power, good infrastructure and connectivity. Likewise, he has stressed the importance of promoting Vocational Training. For this reason, his Government will expand the places to 160.000, of which a third will be dedicated to FP Dual.

In addition, he has emphasized the need to continue lowering taxes and continue simplifying administrative procedures so that investment reaches Andalusia more quickly. In this sense, he has assured that during the Legislature his Government has worked to find meeting points with the industrial sector for the benefit of Andalusian society as a whole.

On the other hand, he has regretted that the industry in Andalusia is being criminalized by some, something that he has attributed to a lack of knowledge of what the industrial sector means and what it means in terms of employment, progress and well-being for Huelva and Andalusia.

“I am convinced that we have an optimistic future in industrial terms, in which all the Administrations have to make a determined and decisive commitment so that in the coming years we will manufacture more in Europe, Spain and Andalusia. Not leaving this task to other continents or other countries, ”he added.

Moreno has set Atlantic Copper as an example of a benchmark and flagship company in Huelva, Andalusia and Spain, which is a vanguard both in our country and in Europe. In this line, he has highlighted his commitment to the environment, digitization and sustainability.

And it is that, Atlantic Copper is one of the main metallurgical complexes in Europe and the first copper producer in Spain, with more than 700 jobs. "A valuable ally whose work we recognized in 2021 with the Andalusia Medal, for his 50 years, but also for his commitment to the future to come: an outpost in the commitment to the circular economy."

In fact, he referred to this company's 'Circular' Project, at its electrical and electronic material recycling plant, one of the first of its kind in southern Europe. Declared of Strategic Interest by the Junta de Andalucía and expedited by the Project Accelerator Unit. Regarding exports, in 2021 Atlantic Copper exported 1.037 million euros, 41% of its turnover, transferring its products to 30 countries.

Huelva, 'capital' of green hydrogen

The Andalusian president has stressed that the main green hydrogen pole in Spain will be in production in Huelva in 2023. Iberdrola and Fertiberia are leading a cluster with 80 companies, 2.200 million euros of investment that will mean the creation of 20.000 jobs, to which will be added Atlantic Copper.

On this, it has advanced that the procedures are very advanced in the part that corresponds to the Board, which allows the objective of Andalusia being a power in renewable energy generation and green hydrogen. All this will allow, as he has outlined, to be a community that exports energy, import industry that will be installed near the production centers and promote the use of clean energy in heavy transport.

In line with the latter, Moreno has reported that the Junta de Andalucía has processed 80 projects for photovoltaic plants and wind farms in the province of Huelva with 2.007 megawatts of new renewable power, in addition to 29 energy efficiency actions in SMEs and large companies in the Huelva industrial sector for almost 90 million euros.

Positive, purposeful campaign, seeking to connect with the citizen

In another order of things, the president of the PP of Andalusia has valued the campaign for the elections next Sunday. “We have carried out a positive, purposeful campaign, seeking to connect with the citizen”, he added. He has continued for a few days, in which, fortunately for his political formation, his intention to vote has grown.

Thus, it has reaffirmed its intention to achieve a sufficient majority. “The closer I am to those 55 seats, the more freedom I will have when it comes to managing. It only remains to know what the citizens want: that the option I represent govern in the company of the Andalusians, in an alliance, or see me conditioned and limited to having to make an agreement with another political force”.

In this regard, he has opted for a great agreement, or even an electoral reform, so that the force with the most votes or votes similar to those that exist in France govern. "In terms of institutional stability we would all win," he stated, while regretting that the Andalusian PSOE is not going to allow any agreement by having direct instructions from Moncloa or Ferraz so that, under no circumstances, the PP candidate is president.