• The president of the Andalusian PP has assessed the data from the EPA, ensuring that "we have the highest unemployment rate in Spain and we are not growing at the same rate"
  • Moreno has highlighted that "the Andalusian government is dedicated to persecuting the leaders of citizen platforms instead of opening a debate on health in Parliament"

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, lamented that "Andalusia is falling behind in Spain's economic growth because it has not made the appropriate reforms that our community needs" referring to the latest data from the Active Population Survey (EPA).

In this sense, Moreno has assured that "it is always good news that jobs are created, since it is a piece of information that shows us that the policies that Rajoy undertook are working, in fact if we follow this average of job creation per year , we would achieve the goal of 2020 million people working in our country by 20”.

However, Juanma Moreno recalled that "Andalusia starts from a worse situation than anyone else because we have the highest unemployment rate in Spain and therefore it is the one that needs to create more jobs, however, we create jobs but not at the rate we need" .

In addition, the leader of the popular Andalusians has insisted that "550.000 jobs have been created in the whole of Spain and in Andalusia it does not reach 75.000 because we need Susana Díaz to focus and stop the internal troubles of her party" and has added that "Díaz has to get to work once and for all so that we reach the average of the Spanish unemployment rate."

The president of the Andalusian PP has emphasized that "we cannot be satisfied with a million unemployed, unemployment is the main problem in Andalusia, it is a drama that devastates all corners of our community and we have an unambitious government focused on its troubles internally, which unfortunately is not propping up the foundations of that economic growth that we need”.


On the other hand, Juanma Moreno has referred to the blockade that the Andalusian government has made so that there is no debate on health, ensuring that "instead of avoiding debates in the Parliament of Andalusia and opening the dialogue to see what happens with health management , the Board is dedicating itself to persecuting the protagonists of the different citizen platforms ”.

For Moreno “it is a bad way to persecute those who denounce the public health situation in Andalusia, it is a mistake because you have to work to improve Andalusian health and to improve it you have to listen to health professionals and their citizen platforms.


Likewise, the president of the popular Andalusians has denounced "the stopper" that the Junta de Andalucía supposes for the development of the Almeria town of Berja and its region, since the southern variant of Berja is unfinished and is "very important because it connects the Alpujarra with the A-7 and this would be a benefit in economic terms for the province of Almería”.

For this reason, Moreno has insisted that "the president of the Board cannot always be breaking the same promises, we are tired of so much non-compliance because fictitious budgets where supposedly a budget item is put and then not executed are not worth it".

“More and more people do not believe Mrs. Díaz, tired of so many promises. So we are going to fight from the PP so that once and for all this work is a reality" concluded Moreno.