• Highlights the confidence created by the new government of the Board that places the community at the forefront in economic growth and employment according to GDP and EPA data in the first three months of 2019
• "The socialist governments leave the accounts shivering and, later, the citizens call the PP, which is the party of the middle and working classes that generates employment"
The president of the Andalusian Popular Party and the Junta, Juanma Moreno, stated that "the Andalusian change works, improves the lives of citizens and brings more opportunities to Andalusia", words with which he encouraged the electorate at the presentation ceremony of the candidacy of the PP of Huelva to the municipal elections.

Moreno has highlighted that "the GDP of Andalusia is at the forefront of economic growth in Spain" in these first three months of 2019 "thanks to the push of the Government of Change and the effort of society".

The Andalusian leader also recalled the data brought by the EPA for this first quarter, which showed that, while jobs were being lost in Spain, "Andalusia led, for the first time, job creation."

"The transformation that we are leading in Andalusia is historic and the south has capacity and a future," the popular president harangued, recalling that "when citizens feel cornered by the ineffectiveness of left-wing governments such as socialists, they always call on the Popular Party to that he assume the leadership of those governments and straighten the course.

"Socialist governments in town halls, autonomous communities or national governments always leave the accounts shivering, and then the PP has to come to rack their brains and put order in the public accounts so that they work."

For this reason, three weeks before an election, he has encouraged supporters and citizens to bet on the Popular Party project, "which is the essential project of the middle and working classes because we are the ones who create jobs and opportunities."

Moreno has highlighted the importance of local elections "because life develops in the municipalities" and the town halls "the quality of life of the residents depends to a great extent", for which he has asked the Andalusians to support mayors and female mayors who "are in tune with the transformation that we are leading in Andalusia because we are the option that represents society."