• The general secretary of the Popular Andalusians, Antonio Repullo, emphasizes that Andalusia enjoys a stable, transparent government, which manages honestly and effectively.”
  • He points out that this Sunday "the Andalusians have a new opportunity to take to the streets together to say firmly that Andalusia is a first-class community and we are not going to allow anyone to condemn us to being second-class."

The general secretary of the PP of Andalusia has valued this Saturday, December 2, as an “important day” in the calendar because it marks five years of political change in this community. “That day, the Andalusians spoke at the polls and said clearly that they wanted a new direction for our land,” he recalled.

“And they did it trusting in a president like Juanma Moreno,” he continued, “an honest person who knew how to listen to them, who made their desires his own, who was committed to seeking the best possible solutions to their problems, always putting the common interest and “the well-being of all Andalusians above any other.” Five years later, Repullo has pointed out that “we maintain the enthusiasm of the first day to continue converting the trust given by the Andalusians into a true flow of hope by doing something so easy, but so reviled today by some in politics, as fulfilling what we promised to do.” .

Thus, he explained with satisfaction that "today we can go out into the streets, look the Andalusians in the eyes and tell them that yes, we are fulfilling our commitments, but that we are also aware that there is much left to do and we will continue." doing everything in our power to continue moving forward.”

The general secretary of the PP of Andalusia has reaffirmed that “Andalusia has been transformed and has become one of the engines of growth in Spain”, while emphasizing that “we have reduced the unemployment rate to levels from 15 years ago.” years; We broke a record in number of companies, but above all today they have more capacity and projection for the future and growth than ever; “We are leaders in self-employment.”

Furthermore, “our young people now have more opportunities for the future than ever because we have opted for them, for professional training that opens the doors of the labor market,” he stressed, adding that it is “a reality that we have made possible thanks to a series of reforms such as the six tax cuts that have made us the second common regime community with fewer taxes and, therefore, more competitive.”

Repullo has also stressed that “there is a fundamental value in which Andalusia has an indisputable leadership today, and it is stability. Political, institutional and social”. From his point of view, “the Andalusian path of moderation, dialogue and compliance with the given word is bearing fruit” and he has given the Por Doñana Agreement as the most recent example of this, “the best example of how to build bridges "To look for the common point that unites us for the benefit of all, is the best way to resolve differences."

“And that is what the PP of Andalusia does here, with Juanma Moreno at the helm: listen to those who do not think like us, identify the problems, dialogue, look for meeting points and agree on the best solutions,” he pointed out, highlighting that “ We do it in plain sight, without secrets and without the need for any type of foreign supervisor.”

Likewise, Repullo has defended that “the PP of Andalusia has shown that it knows how to govern for everyone, that the defense of the interests of Andalusians was not the heritage of any party, but of all, and that only through unity, dialogue, consensus and putting the general interest above any other, it is possible to reach great agreements that guarantee progress and well-being.” “Thanks to that, today Andalusia enjoys a stable, transparent government, which manages with honesty and efficiency,” he says, ending by warning that “we cannot allow anyone, for any type of particular interest, to stop the transformation of Andalusia.” .

On the threshold of the celebration of Flag Day next Monday, December 4, and when 46 years have passed since the historic demonstrations in 1977 in which millions of Andalusians filled the streets of Andalusia to say no to a two-speed Spain, with Spaniards of first and second, the general secretary of the PP of Andalusia, Antonio Repullo, has pointed out that “we once again find ourselves faced with the historical obligation to demand again, peacefully, firmly and united, that Andalusia is a community of first and second that she is not willing to let anyone condemn her to being second class.”

Repullo has stated that “Andalusians are the same as a Basque, a Catalan or an Asturian and, therefore, we deserve the same treatment and the same services.” For this reason, he will join the mobilization called by civil society tomorrow in Seville, an event that he considers "a new opportunity to make history, defend Andalusia all united and say in a clear and forceful way that we are not less than anyone, that equality It is not for sale and we are not going to stop defending it.”