• Parliament approves the consideration of the proposed law for the planning of the territory in the County, which will make it possible to correct "a Plan of the North Crown that was born flawed due to the injustice that it produced to hundreds of surrounding farmers"

• The deputy for Huelva Manuel Andres Gonzalez has reminded the left that "they have a unique opportunity, to side with the farmers or side with Pedro Sánchez, and the occasion deserves side with Doñana, Andalusia, Huelva and their farmers"

The Andalusian PP has demanded that the opposition parties abandon the sterile debates and join the search for solutions for the farmers of Huelva during the parliamentary process of the proposed law for land use planning in the County of Huelva. “They have a unique opportunity, to side with the farmers or side with Pedro Sánchez, and the opportunity deserves to side with Andalusia, Huelva, Doñana and their farmers" to correct a historical injustice, Huelva deputy Manuel Andrés González pointed out to the left formations during the debate.

The initiative promoted by the PP, and which has the support of Vox, now begins its legislative process with the vote against the PSOE, Por Andalucía and Adelante Andalucía. González has asked all of them "to put aside, even for once, our political differences and, for the good of the province of Huelva, for the good of agriculture and for the good of employment" to support the initiative because “Say YES to this Bill is to say YES to Doñana".

The popular deputy has insisted on the importance of not distorting the debate because the initiative promoted by the PP "has nothing to do with water or with Doñana", since it is limited exclusively to a matter of land classification. "All of us deputies will agree that the Corona Norte Plan was born completely flawed due to the injustice that it produced to hundreds of farmers in the area", he stressed, after recalling that the plan received more than 3.000 allegations during its processing, more than 160 appeals in court and another 500 writings of private allegations.

For this reason, he stressed, "in addition to doing justice, with this initiative we want to safeguard, above all else, the Doñana Natural Park and, for this, what is intended is that farmers can be nourished by surface water, respecting the Doñana aquifer, since no farmer will be able to obtain even a drop of water from this aquifer”.

Likewise, it has insisted that it does not intend to amnesty anyone, since "only those farmers who can demonstrate that they have historically been cultivating their land will be able to benefit from the regularization of their lands."

In this sense, he has detailed that the proposal includes the creation of a Technical Office for Monitoring the Plan to analyze the farms involved on a case-by-case basis. A measure that is based on the amendment presented by the Socialist Group to the Bill registered in the previous legislature.

In the same way, the text declares of general interest of the autonomous community a series of actions with the aim of improving the forest spaces and ecological connectivity in the field of the Special Plan, responding to requests from the Ministry of Ecological Transition in the previous initiative. And it makes it clear that the proposal complies with the mandate of the Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union of June 24, 2021, because "if there is a Government concerned and sensitive to Doñana, that is the Government of Juanma Moreno".

"Never before has so much been done for the Natural Park", he stressed, to then highlight the 60 million invested in just four years and the various environmental regeneration actions undertaken in the area.

The deputy of the PP for Huelva has also emphasized that the proposal has the support of the platform in defense of irrigation in Huelva, of the representatives of the agrarian and union organizations UGT, Asaja, UPA, Freshuelva, agri-food cooperatives, Interstrawberry. "Everyone knows the literalness of the text and has given it their support," he snapped at the PSOE representative when he questioned the consensus and participation in the drafting of the proposal.

For González, this proposition will make it possible to do social justice with hundreds of farmers and families whose future is at stake. "When we talk about the farmers affected by the Corona Norte Plan, let's not think of large landowners, far from it, they are small farmers, most of them with one hectare or little more, who have inherited their land from their parents to children, from several generations and that the only way they have to earn a living and be able to support their families with their work on that small farm ”, has detailed.

For all this, he has lamented the opportunity lost by the PSOE deputies and the rest of the left-wing formations to "put themselves on the side of the farmers and not on the side of Pedro Sánchez." "And the occasion deserves to be on the side of Andalusia, Huelva, Doñana and its farmers", he concluded, encouraging them to participate in the parliamentary process so that the proposal can be improved by the different political groups and even by other groups, associations or entities that want to contribute what they deem necessary.
“This bill of law comes to comply with Doñana and provide a solution to a historical problem of the North Crown. And always, furthermore, with dialogue and without crossing red lines with Doñana, always safeguarding the ecological values ​​of the Natural Park and making them compatible with the work of farmers in the area”.