• The president of the PP of Huelva, Manuel Andrés González, defends before the Doñana Participation Council that the bill registered in the regional Parliament exclusively addresses a matter of land use planning in those farms abandoned by the North Crown Plan.

• Remember that this unfair planning approved by previous socialist governments in 2014 has left more than 650 families of small farmers and more than 10.000 jobs at risk.

The president of the PP of Huelva and Andalusian deputy Manuel Andrés González has detailed today before the members of the Doñana Participation Council Farm Land Management Improvement Bill in County of Huelva that the popular parliamentary group will take this week to the plenary session of the autonomous Chamber. González has insisted that this initiative tries to correct a "historical injustice" committed by the Andalusian PSOE with the approval in 2014 of the Special Plan for the Northern Crown, and has asked the opposition groups to reflect and give their support to the most of 650 families affected and the 10.000 jobs that are at stake.

González has insisted that with the bill promoted by the PP what is intended is exclusively to compensate the damage caused to hundreds of farmers in the County of Huelva as a result of the entry into force of the North crown plan. "It is only about doing justice to an injustice caused by previous PSOE governments" by leaving out of that planning numerous exploitations. And he recalled that the new proposal has had the participation of farmers, irrigators and municipalities in the area.

For this reason, he has urged the rest of the political formations that this Wednesday, when the consideration of the proposition is debated, "before rejecting it, think of those more than 650 families and 10.000 jobs that are at stake." "We are talking above all about small farmers who most of them have one hectare or even less, and for whom these farms have been the only way to bring bread home for decades," he added.

González recalled that the initiative has tried to seek the support of all the sectors involved, including political parties, whose contributions to the proposal approved in 2022 have been collected in search of a greater consensus. Thus, the creation of a Technical Monitoring Office is included, which will be in charge of analyzing on a case-by-case basis the possibility of regularizing these lands as surface water irrigable agricultural soils (SARAS), the only possible ones, and as long as there is the possibility of receive this water, since "the only red line is that not a single drop of water is taken from the aquifer."

In the same way, the text raises, how could it be otherwise, the protection of the aquifer and that environmental jewel that is Doñana, “because it is untouchable”. González has transferred that the proposal alludes at all times to surface waters, for which reason he calls on the central government to undertake once and for all the hydraulic infrastructures to which it has committed itself on numerous occasions and of which nothing is yet known .

"I hope and wish that the parliamentary groups that make up the Andalusian parliament chamber think about all this and side with Huelva and the interests of this province before pressing the button."