• Guillermo García Longoria: "The listeners of La Hora de Andalucía have not received any information about the ERE the day that José Antonio Griñán and Manuel Chaves begin to testify"

• The Popular Group will request explanations from the RTVA monitoring commission

The Andalusian PP is going to demand explanations from the RTVA monitoring and control commission of the Parliament of Andalusia for the attempts to hide the 'ERE case' in the Andalusian public radio and television news, a circumstance that has come to its conclusion. maximum expression in the news of Canal Sur Radio this morning, Wednesday April 11, precisely the day on which the start of the judicial appearance of the former president of the Junta de Andalucía José Antonio Griñán and the day after the appearance of the former counselor Antonio Fernández, both Socialists.

The host of the La Hora de Andalucía program this morning omitted any reference to the trial of the ERE in his informative section and only dedicated about two minutes to this topic in the gathering. On the contrary, the controversy generated by the master's degree by the president of the Community of Madrid was a headline issue in both spaces, and took up 13 minutes in the news program and a large part of the social gathering.

The Andalusian PP parliamentarian and spokesman for the Popular Group in the RTVA commission, Guillermo García Longoria, has denounced the "censorship practiced by Canal Sur in a matter that the PSOE and the government of Mrs. Díaz want to go unnoticed."

"The listeners of Canal Sur Radio are perfectly informed today and know the opinion of the commentators on a matter that affects the president of another autonomous community and, nevertheless, they have not received any information about an alleged case of corruption that affects the management of the Junta de Andalucía for two decades, which is being judged in court, in which more than 800 million euros have been embezzled and for which two former presidents of the Junta and several former councilors are accused", has insured Garcia Longoria.

Furthermore, this circumstance does not occur on any given day, but on the day on which the former socialist president José Antonio Griñán is expected to begin to testify as accused, who will be followed in the coming days by his predecessor in office, Manuel Chaves, a relevant fact that has been extensively covered in recent days by the written press and other audiovisual media.

The listeners of Canal Sur Radio in that time slot have not received information about the statement made yesterday by former counselor Antonio Fernández, about whom most of the media emphasize that he was "cornered" by the president of the court before its "contradictions and fallacies".

García Longoria stressed that "the main national radio stations have devoted some space this morning to the statement by Griñán and Chaves in the trial of the ERE, so it is even more surprising, from a professional point of view, the censorship applied by Canal Sur in what it claims to be the morning news program of Andalusian public radio”.

La Hora de Andalucía has not made any reference, neither in the informative section nor in the gathering, to the information that the newspaper El Mundo has been publishing regarding the alleged falsification by the Ministry of Education of a document sent to the judge investigating the case of possible 'plugging' of a teacher.