• The Andalusian PP requests the urgent appearance of the Health Minister to explain the "shady business" of buying medicines at inflated prices from a laboratory that donates money to the Board
  • The Andalusian PP will study "all proposals" aimed at allowing the presence of all political groups at the Parliament Table
The Andalusian PP considers that the Andalusian Government's decision to apply the decree of the 35-hour working day for Junta officials without waiting for the meeting with the National Government, scheduled for next Wednesday, responds to an attitude of blackmail by Susana Díaz.

The deputy secretary of Organization of the Andalusian PP, Patricia Navarro, has assured this Wednesday that, with this decision, Susana Díaz seeks once again "confrontation and the policy of slamming the door." «The logical thing would have been to stop the application of this measure and wait to speak with the Government of Spain. They have not done so, and this is an exercise in institutional disloyalty," she assured. Navarro has pointed out that this situation allows "to confront two ways of doing politics: that of Susana Díaz's command and command and that of Mariano Rajoy's willingness to negotiate."

In addition, the Andalusian PP has announced today that it is going to request the urgent appearance of the Minister of Health to explain the purchase of medicines at inflated prices from laboratories that, in parallel, make donations to the Health Administration. Patricia Navarro has assured that it is a “dark and shady matter on which Mrs. Díaz cannot remain silent for one more day. Since she is so loquacious when it comes to demanding, that she is also loquacious when giving explanations ». The Vice Secretary of Organization has indicated that "while beds are closed and doctors are missing, the Board inflates the purchase prices of medicines."

On the other hand, the Andalusian PP has requested that the aid to the municipalities affected by the recent floods be processed through a bill because the decree law validated today "was born with significant absences." In her capacity as spokesperson for the Environment of the Popular Group, Patricia Navarro has shown the surprise of the Andalusian PP at the fact that the order was published with the list of municipalities and the corresponding amounts on December 21, when the evaluations of the damage had not been completed.

Navarro recalled that the Government Sub-delegations are in charge of compiling the technical damage reports, and that they are still being processed in some cases today. "If the Sub-delegations do not have these reports, how is it possible for the list to be published?", asked the Andalusian PP deputy, who also assured that the decree should have also included the municipalities affected by the rains in Almería, occurred a few days later. .

The Environment spokesperson has assured that the Andalusian PP has detected "serious absences in that list, such as the cases of Conil and Isla Cristina and, on the contrary, other municipalities appear with more than questionable damage, which have not even submitted a request in the Government Sub-delegation and they have already approved the help of the Board ».

The Andalusian PP observes a clear lack of transparency in this matter. "We do not want to think that we are facing an order of concealed and discretionary subsidies," he assured.

On the other hand, the second secretary of the Parliamentary Bureau, Patricia del Pozo, who attended this body for the first time yesterday after the Constitutional Court ruling, has shown the full willingness of the Andalusian PP to seek a solution that allows the presence of all the groups. "We trust that the open dialogue will serve to resolve the situation of Izquierda Unida as soon as possible, we think that article 36 must be complied with," said Del Pozo, who indicated that the Andalusian PP is going to study all the proposals made by the groups.