The PP Housing spokesperson in the Andalusian Parliament, Alicia Martínez, denounced that "the Andalusian Housing Plan is unreleased despite the fact that it was approved last August."

The last Concerted Housing and Land Plan 2008-2012 ended with a critical balance by the then IU Housing Counselor, who gave data on the failure of what the previous Housing Plan had meant, which only reached 40% of the objectives construction of new housing for sale or rent, and only 16% in the substandard housing transformation program.

The data offered was of a financing of 695 million euros when an agreement with the financial entities 9.500 million had been signed.

Martínez stressed that "this balance is not mentioned in the recently approved plan and it is the first time that a blank legislature has passed without a Housing Plan in Andalusia, and it is approved after 4 years without a Plan."

The State Plan 2013-2016 is currently in force, which is the one that has marked the change in the model from the sale of subsidized housing to Rehabilitation and Rental. The Framework Agreement signed in 2014 with the Junta de Andalucía is also in force.

Alicia Martínez has insisted that “the PP assures that Andalusia is the one that receives the largest Funds with 17,10%. The Ministry of Public Works has invested in Andalusia in the period 2013-2016, 524,45 million euros, which can be broken down into: 307,77 million in grants to help pay the mortgages of 52.000 Andalusians; other subsidies corresponding to the transition period between the previous plans and the new one, in the amount of 60,18 million; other subsidies, mainly aid for rental and building rehabilitation for a value of 156,50 million.

The spokesperson for Housing of the PP-A in Parliament has indicated that "the Board only puts 41 million euros in this agreement (2014-2016 according to the agreement), which is why the Community has little commitment to housing policies ” and added that “this means that for every 100 euros that the Government of the nation puts up, the Board puts only 7,8 euros”.

Alicia Martínez has described this new Housing Plan as "a leap into the void to cover up the failure in the management of Susana Díaz because today there are more than 100.000 VPO buyers who are waiting for the help promised in the previous Housing Plan" .

On the other hand, Martínez has clarified that "more than 15,000 tenants who trusted the previous Housing Plan await their rental assistance, some are already winning it in court, through sentences against the AVRA agency."

In addition, the call for aid to promote the rental of habitual residences, dated March 3, 2015, presented almost 30.000 applications and only 11.900, 40%, have been accepted. These aids are for the 2015 annuity, and there are still provinces that have people pending to receive their aid. The call for 2016 has not yet been resolved.

Lastly, the PP deputy in Parliament has pointed out that "the April 2015 Call for Building Rehabilitation has been a clear failure since of 1.149 applications from homeowners' associations throughout Andalusia, 99 grants have been granted (8,61 2016%) and the new Call for XNUMX has not yet been resolved.