· The deputy secretary of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development of the Popular Andalusians, José Carlos Álvarez, assures that the sector is losing an average of 50% of CAP aid as a consequence of a Strategic Plan negotiated by the Sánchez Government against the criteria of all agricultural organizations.

• He points out that “Minister Planas now has a new opportunity to correct his management to once and for all defend the interests of Andalusian farmers and ranchers, whom he also represents as a deputy for Córdoba.”

• Suggests to the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food “that he demonstrate his commitment to the Andalusian countryside by also being demanding with investments in the more than 30 water infrastructures that the State has pending in Andalusia.”

The vice-secretary of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development of the Popular Party of Andalusia, José Carlos Álvarez, asks the recently re-elected Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, for “equal treatment for Andalusian farmers and ranchers”, something that In his opinion he has not done so during the five years he has been in office.

Álvarez argues this by using as an example the “disastrous consequences” that the CAP Strategic Plan (PEPAC) for the 2023-2027 framework is having on the economy of thousands of Andalusian families in the primary sector, “negotiated by Minister Planas behind the back of "the Andalusian farmers and ranchers it affects and against the criteria of all agricultural organizations."

During a visit to the Carmonense Agricultural Cooperative, located in the municipality of Carmona (Seville), the deputy secretary of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development of the popular Andalusians has been able to see first-hand how “in this first year of application of This Strategic Plan of the Common Agrarian Policy is revealing everything that both the PP of Andalusia and the Government of the Junta had been warning could happen.”

Thus, José Carlos Álvarez has explained that the province of Seville is one of the most affected by this new aid system, in such a way that a farmer from the regions of “La Vega, La Campiña or La Sierra Sur” with land of Rainfed farming currently loses an average of 40% of aid to eco schemes and 16% of basic income aid. In the case of the “Campiña Baja” of Córdoba, losses rise up to 50% in the eco schemes, as happens to a farmer in the “Sierra Morena” region, in Jaén, with irrigated farmland. and that also suffers a 2'% cut in basic income aid.

"These are just a few examples of the many that we can find in very specific regions of all the Andalusian provinces and they are proof that, as the agrarian organizations, the Popular Party and the Government of the Junta warned at the time, the Minister Planas' management for this new CAP has been very harmful to the Andalusian countryside because he did not want to listen to the sector."

Thus, Álvarez has said that "we already know what it means for Sánchez to build walls and that is, for example, reappointing a minister like Planas who makes decisions against farmers." "We are not surprised that the majority of agricultural organizations have described his continuity at the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food as bad news for the Andalusian primary sector." On the contrary, he has defended the constant support of the Government of Juanma Moreno to farmers and ranchers, recalling that "it has been a month since the Board began to pay the advance of CAP aid, complying in a timely manner with its commitment." ”.

However, Álvarez has pointed out that “it is never too late” and “Luis Planas now has a new opportunity to do what he has not done during his two previous mandates” and it is something as simple as “coming to Andalusia to sit down and really listen.” to farmers and ranchers, as well as also listening to the Government of the Junta to defend together before Europe the interests of our land with a single and powerful voice.”

In addition to working to further improve the flexibility of the aid system linked to the CAP in the medium term, the deputy secretary of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development of the Andalusian Popular Party considers “it is also fundamental that Minister Planas puts the interests of Andalusia above the table of the Council of Ministers.” It is about taking advantage of the Order that has just been approved on the preparation of the General State Budgets for 2024, so that "it is demanding with investments in water for Andalusia", so that all the necessary resources are considered to execute once the more than 30 water infrastructures that the Sánchez Government has pending in all the Andalusian provinces.

Álvarez has insisted that "as Spain's leading agri-food power, Andalusia deserves fair treatment in these water investments, if we also take into account the special impact that the drought is causing in our region." “These works are essential to guarantee water in our land and, therefore, the viability of the main pillar of our economy, such as the agri-food industry,” he stressed.

“The Government of Juanma Moreno is doing everything on its part,” he recalls, “even helping the city councils and the State itself in the execution of 76 works within its jurisdiction,” and has already mobilized more than 1.500 billion euros in five years. euros hydraulic works spread throughout the Andalusian territory. “And it will continue investing this year with more than 578 million euros budgeted,” he said in conclusion.