• Announces that the Government of Change will continue to lower taxes in the coming years
• Ensures that public life needs serenity, balance and pondering
• "The budgets for change and trust have nipped in the bud the cuts of the PSOE for so many years"
• Indicates that the Andalusian Government will put Andalusia in the place it deserves in Spain and in Europe
The president of the Andalusian Popular Party, Juanma Moreno, has affirmed today that the Andalusian budgets are those of change and dialogue, this being one of the hallmarks of the Andalusian Government in the face of anger, rudeness, noise and the lack of respect for institutions and voters that other political parties have.

Moreno, who has closed the convention 'Los Presupuestos del Cambio en Andalucía', which the PPA has held in the Seville municipality of Carmona, has asserted that the Popular Party has a renovating and reformist project that is guided by other behavior patterns in the public life among which stands out the respect to the adversaries. "That is the change and political center that we represent and the model of government that we want to promote."

In this way, he has pointed out that with the approval of these budgets a historic milestone has taken place in Andalusia since, as he has said, "we have had to wait forty years to see new accounts for the future and the future of Andalusia".

The popular president has stressed that in Andalusia things have changed and it is that he has recalled that in the last five years the Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a total of 2.700 amendments of which the PSOE did not accept any of them.

“Is it that there was none that was good for Andalusia or positive for improving budgets. That is the photo of arrogance and of the old socialist policy of so many years that has been based on the roller and here I command ”, she pointed out.

At this point, it has affected the fact that the Government of Change has accepted 53 amendments from all political groups, which shows that they are budgets that have been based on consensus and dialogue, while at the same time it has affirmed that there were several the occasions in the voting process yesterday in which the plenary panel was covered in green because there was more than one moment in which all the parties agreed and voted for Andalusia and for what is best for the Andalusian.

In addition, he has assured that public life needs serenity, balance and weighting and has referred to what happened yesterday in plenary session when Susana Díaz withdrew her greeting to the Minister of Finance, Industry and Energy, Juan Bravo, given what he has stressed that education must be above everything and also above political acronyms. "Education is an instrument for us to live together and, therefore, we must work to take care of forms and styles."

Moreno has regretted that the PSOE has proposed amendments that involve raising the tax burden in Andalusia by 1.100 million and recovering the Inheritance and Donations Tax. "Socialist governments raised and raised taxes and the Andalusian government lowers them and will continue to do so."

Thus, he recalled that the left-wing parties threatened the Andalusians by telling them that if the right governed there would be numerous cuts, although the reality is quite different, since with these budgets 760 million more are allocated to health, 200 more to education and 80 More for dependency. "They also said that if social spending went up, they would not be able to lower taxes, but we have done it and we will continue in the coming years."

The president of the popular Andalusians has also referred to one of the mantras used by the left-wing parties that indicated that these budgets were intended to cut public services to the Andalusians before which he has asserted that the new Andalusian government has raised 1100 million in spending while socialist governments have shredded public social services by relentlessly cutting budgets one after another. "The budgets for change and trust have nipped in the bud the PSOE's cuts of so many years."

“When you generate trust, things flow and in Andalusia there is trust for investors and citizens, generating a climate of optimism. For the first time we are news in what we have never been. Andalusia has become the leader in job creation, it is the community that is growing the most after Navarra and, in addition, we have now learned that business confidence has risen by 2,7%, which is more than one point above the average national".

Moreno has also referred to other data that reflects that Andalusia is generating confidence, such as the fact that the purchase and sale of housing has risen by 4,7 compared to the average for Spain, which has risen by 1,8, and the industry, which has risen by 1,2% in the first quarter while in Spain it has done so by 0,1%.

Finally, it has influenced the importance of Andalusia becoming the leader in Spanish exports this quarter, being the second community only surpassed by Catalonia, to which is added that Andalusians have sold more goods and services to the rest of Spain than those that have been bought, which translates into a strong and confident open economy.

"The Andalusian Government has the tenacity and ambition to return to Andalusia the pride of living in one of the best lands in Spain and has the will and determination to ensure that future generations of Andalusians have a future here similar to the rest of Spain and Europe”, he concluded.