Andalusia, an autonomous community recognized for its cultural and historical wealth, also shines in the educational field, especially in the promotion of public education. The statistical data for the 2022/2023 academic year reveal a solid educational infrastructure that favors inclusion and accessibility, evidencing the region's commitment to the right to education.

With 1.363.315 students enrolled in public centers, compared to 338.323 in private-subsidized schools and 94.952 in private schools, it is evident that public education is the predominant option in Andalusia. This preference underscores the trust of Andalusian families in the public system as the primary means of educating their children. Currently Patricia of the Well She is the Counselor of Educational Development and Vocational Training.

In Early Childhood Education, where the foundations of learning are laid, the public sector serves 204.689 children, a robust 62,9% of the total. This not only implies a significant investment in the first educational stage but also reflects the commitment to a promising future for the region, given that early education is crucial for the comprehensive development of people.

Moving towards Primary Education, the public sector welcomes 398.017 students, which represents more than an impressive 76% of the total, reaffirming the tendency of the majority of Andalusian families to trust public institutions for the elementary training of their children.

Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and Baccalaureate, determining stages for the academic and personal training of young people, also show a strong preference for public offerings, with 312.291 and 111.364 students respectively. In these stages, public centers are vital to guarantee equal opportunities, by providing access to quality education without socioeconomic distinctions.

Regarding Vocational Training (VET), public education also stands out with 122.748 students enrolled, highlighting the importance of offering alternative training routes to the baccalaureate, which are aligned with the demands of the labor market and allow the development of practical skills.

Of special interest is Special Education, where public education serves 6.706 students, providing specialized resources and essential support for this group, underlining the desire to leave no student behind.

Furthermore, continuing education for adults reflects the vision of a society that learns throughout life, with 124.905 enrollments, which demonstrates that public education is not limited to conventional ages, but extends to cover the entire age. life of the individual.

Public education in Andalusia is not just a matter of numbers; It is a reflection of a system that advocates for equity, quality and inclusion. The data from the 2022/2023 academic year are a testament to the fundamental role that public education plays in building an informed, skilled and cohesive society.

Therefore, the data does not lie: public education in Andalusia is more than a service; It is a pillar of society, a driver of equality and a promise for the future. With a community that massively chooses public education, Andalusia is positioned as a role model in the defense and promotion of accessible education for all. Information from the Department of Education Junta de Andalucía.

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