The employment policies being carried out by the government of the Junta de Andalucía, chaired by Juanma Moreno They are producing very positive results for Andalusia, something that has been constantly reflected with the data that is released each quarter and each year.

Andalusia leads the drop in unemployment in Spain with its best rate since 2008

Employment in Andalusia has registered very favorable figures in the first quarter of 2023, according to the Active Population Survey (EPA) published in the INE. These data reflect a historic decline in the unemployment rate and an increase in hiring, which means an improvement in the economic situation of the autonomous community.

According to Junta de Andalucía, the decrease in unemployment and the reduction of unemployment rate up to 18,3% have allowed shorten Andalusia's differential with Spain to five points, levels that were not reached since 2007. The decrease in unemployment in Andalusia has been seen especially in the agriculture, construction, industry, and services sectors. In addition, self-employment has also shown a considerable increase, which indicates a strengthening of the business fabric in the region.

The recovery of employment in Andalusia is partly due to the policies and measures implemented by the Junta de Andalucía, which have fostered job creation and economic development in the region. These measures include training and employment programs for young people, incentives for hiring unemployed people, and support for entrepreneurship and business creation.

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Plan for the 280.000 Andalusian women with disabilities

Plans for people with disabilities are programs designed to guarantee all people access to all opportunities and resources in different areas of life.

Business creation: Andalusia exceeds the national average by 8 points

The Andalusian economy shows an increase of 19,8% in business creation during August, exceeding the national rate by eight points.

Tourism Employment: Andalusia leads growth

Andalusia registers a 5% increase in Social Security affiliations in tourism employment, rising to 343.075 affiliates in August.

Repullo affirms that the Government of Juanma Moreno is the best endorsement of equality in Andalusia also in the workplace

The general secretary of the Popular Andalusians emphasizes that since the Popular Party has governed, the female unemployment rate has been reduced to 3,4 points in Andalusia, more than double what it has done at the national level.

Business creation in Andalusia: positive rebound of 0,9%

The Andalusian economy has experienced a positive rebound in business creation, reaching 240.810 this month of August.

International tourism in Andalusia: 20% increase in July

Andalusia has experienced an increase of more than 20% in international tourism during the month of July compared to the previous year.

Business creation in Andalusia increases 22,4% in June

The creation of new companies in Andalusia increases by 22,4% in June compared to the same month in 2022, reaching the figure of 1.883 companies.

Andalusia leads the decrease in unemployment in Spain in July

Andalusia leads the decrease in unemployment in Spain. The region registered 5.166 fewer unemployed people in July, 50% of all of Spain.

The Airbus Project is consolidated in the province of Cádiz

The mega contract of the Airbus Project with the Indian airline IndiGo will have a huge economic impact on the entire province of Cádiz.

Highest increase in business creation in Andalusia since 2008 in the first four-month period

Andalusia has experienced a notable boom in business creation, registering its best first four-month period since 2008.

NNGG defends the revolution of the educational and employment policies of Juanma Moreno for the youth of Andalusia

The president of the NNGG of Andalusia, María José Carmona, has valued the unprecedented commitment to VT by the Andalusian Government, "key to promoting the employability of young people"

Creation of companies in Spain. Andalusia among the first communities in April

Andalusia stands out for the business drive last April, after the creation of 1.505 new companies.

Torregrosa: "The employment data confirms the change of cycle in Andalusia thanks to the correct policies of Juanma Moreno"

The Andalusian PP spokeswoman is pleased because "in just four and a half years we have managed to stop Andalusia from leading the negative rankings and have become the third economic power in Spain"

Andalusia leads the drop in unemployment in April to its lowest level in 15 years

The Andalusian community recorded 20.551 fewer unemployed in April and places the unemployment rate at the lowest in the last fifteen years.

Andalusia grows above the national average and recovers pre-pandemic GDP before Spain

The economic growth of the Andalusian Autonomous Community is advancing at a faster rate than in the country as a whole, it is even six tenths above the fourth quarter of 2019, before COVID

Women and entrepreneurship, a priority in Andalusian Public Education

Women and entrepreneurship. The Board promotes from the Andalusian Women's Institute the initiative: Entrepreneurship with a gender focus.

Andalusia leads the drop in unemployment in Spain with its best unemployment rate since 2008

Andalusia is the community where unemployment has fallen the most in the first three months of the year (19.100 fewer unemployed) and leading the figures for job creation.

Unemployment: Andalusia leads the drop in unemployment in Spain in March 2023

Andalusia registered the largest drop in unemployment in Spain in March with 15.284 fewer to 734.391 unemployed.

Romero: "Andalusia will be a land of employment with the Government of Juanma Moreno and the municipalities can be allies in this challenge"

"As long as there is an Andalusian who wants to work and cannot, we will not be satisfied, but we are doing an enormous job that is transforming Andalusia

Repullo values ​​Juanma Moreno's commitment to Vocational Training as a strategic line to promote youth employment

It underlines the creation of 30.000 new FP places in the last year and the commitment to the FD Dual, whose training is adapted to the needs of the labor market and promotes the employability of young people

Moreno highlights that Andalusia has created three times as many youth employment as the national average and announces more measures for them to undertake

It proposes, among other initiatives, a 'Zero Quota' for those under 30 years of age who want to be self-employed who start paying 0 euros to Social Security for the first two years

Feijóo highlights Moreno's commitment to job creation and tax cuts

The president of the Popular Party assures that "the objective of a country cannot be to end wealth, but to end poverty" and promote economic growth and job creation "The improvisation and disunity of Spanish politics and the Government are causing impacts on the economy of […]

Moreno sees in the polls an "incitement" as a favorable trend for PP policies that create jobs

"Surveys tell us that the majority of Andalusians want to continue with the policies that we have put in place and not go back with the old forms of the PSOE"
• "The D

Bendodo links the 50 million employment plan to the attempt to "buy wills" that "socialism has always done"

"The PSOE believed for years that it had a barn of votes in Andalusia, and what it has shown over the years is that it has a barn of corruption"

López says that with Juanma Moreno there are more jobs, exports and the self-employed than before the pandemic and despite the PSOE

"Faced with the policy of promises of the socialist governments, that of Juanma Moreno is the policy of facts, these that guarantee us and that are the guarantee that Andalusia advances"

Carmen Crespo endorses policies to support the self-employed, agriculture and conciliation to create more female employment in Andalusia

It stands out that 63% of the 165.000 jobs created in these three years are women

Moreno highlights the economic engine that our fairs represent and predicts a good summer for employment in the sector

The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, highlights the economic importance of fairs in our community

Domínguez: "Juanma Moreno's employment policies work and make Andalusia move forward"

It is noteworthy that Andalusia has gone from being the community of one million unemployed with the PSOE to being the one that creates the most employment in Spain

Parliament calls on Sánchez to "rectify" the criteria for the funds for the first cycle of Infant Education because 15.000 jobs in the sector are "in danger"

The spokesperson for Education of the Popular Group in Parliament, Miguel Ángel Ruiz, has defended this afternoon in the Chamber a Non-Ley Proposal to demand that the Government of Spain that the funds that correspond to Andalusia, within the Program to Promote Schooling of the First Early Childhood Education Cycle, are intended to improve […]

Miguel A. Ruiz: "We want to advance in the free education of 0 to 3 years and protect employment in this sector"

"We have a golden opportunity to advance in the free education of 0 to 3 years with European funds, increasing bonuses for families and protecting employment in this sector"

Saéz: "Juanma Moreno's environmental policy will generate more wealth, opportunities and green jobs"

"In three years Andalusia has been at the forefront in the fight against climate change, encouraging the circular economy, sustainability and the natural environment"

The PP defends an NLP to support a taxation oriented towards growth and employment that makes well-being sustainable

It asks the Government of Sánchez not to stop economic activity by raising taxes on citizens, the self-employed and companies and demands that it provide a covid fund of 1.000 million for Andalusia in 2022

Roundtable Entrepreneurs, Economic Growth and Employment

• The president of CEA, Javier González de Lara; the president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor; and the president of CEPYME, Gerardo Cuevas; and has been moderated by Sol Cruz The presidents of ATA, Lorenzo Amor; CEPYME, Gerardo Cuevas; and CEA, Javier González de Lara; have participated this afternoon in the 16th Congress [...]

NNGG denounces that Sánchez "vetoes" Andalusia in European funds for the fight against youth unemployment

He attributes this new example of "systematic mistreatment" by the socialists to "political sectarianism", who "do not forgive that Andalusia works with the government of change"

Domínguez highlights Juanma Moreno's massive tax cuts to reactivate employment "in the face of Sánchez's impositions"

The Employment spokesman of the Popular Parliamentary Group, Erik Domínguez, insists that the tax reduction "is essential for all those who maintain and create jobs"

López: “Sánchez puts out a red carpet for those who want to break Spain; Andalusia, to vaccinate and create employment”

"The pardons are a political payment: Sánchez is not trying to close fractures, but to pay bills"

The PP highlights the "Andalusian model" to encourage self-employment in the face of Sánchez's "sablazos" to the sector

Erik Domínguez: "With Sánchez's sabers, a self-employed person who has a net income of 3.00 euros will have to pay up to 1.000 in quota, something unsustainable"

López: "While some are with the votes and polls, we are with the vaccines and employment"

The general secretary of the Andalusian PP says that Andalusia needs to continue having a PP government, and that Casado must be president of the Government "for the good of the Spanish people"

Martín: "Juanma Moreno's massive tax cut is a highway to employment in Andalusia compared to Pedro Sánchez's tolls"

"The only model that Pedro Sánchez has is to continually put his hand in the pocket of citizens"

Domínguez: "The best way for Juanma Moreno to dignify May 1 is to provide facilities to create quality employment in Andalusia"

The Employment spokesman of the Popular Parliamentary Group, Erik Domínguez, highlights that Andalusia is a leader in the creation of self-employed thanks to the incentives of the Andalusian Government

Ruíz-Sillero: "To create jobs you have to set aside communism and support freedom"

The PP senator affirms that "whenever the PSOE governs, unemployment rises, but when Podemos enters, unemployment skyrockets" She assures that "by announcing a tax increase and cutting training policies for the unemployed, jobs are not created." “With this government, unpleasant surprises always come if you are in an ERTE, […]

Venzal defends the "Andalusian model, which helps employment", against the "socialist model dedicated only to the apparatus"

He accuses Sánchez and Díaz of being "in the key of primaries" instead of "dedicating themselves to addressing the problems of citizens"

The PP highlights the "commitment" of the Andalusian government in prioritizing aid to sustain cultural employment

Pilar Pintor recalls the plans and aid launched by the Ministry during the first wave of the pandemic

The PP presents a NLP in the Parliament of Andalusia in favor of employment in Alestis

• Requests the unanimous support of all groups against the application of an ERE in Alestis and the increase and diversification of the workload • Ana Mestre demands that the Government of Spain take note of the workers' demands • Ramón Herrera rejects the philosophy of extinction […]

Martín: "For the first time in Andalusia an employment plan is made with total transparency thanks to Juanma Moreno"

The deputy secretary general of the Andalusian Popular Party, Toni Martín, warns the PSOE that "if they have nothing to contribute and dedicate themselves to defaming the Andalusian Government, they can end up in court as they already ended with the ERE and FAFFE case"

Caracuel: "Juanma Moreno supports and supports people with disabilities by creating aid for 13.200 jobs"

Rafael Caracuel, representative of the Popular Group in the Disability Committee, highlights that this call amounts to a total of 61,47 million euros

Domínguez: "Juanma Moreno's 'macroplan' for Employment can create up to 30.000 jobs"

"The Andalusian government has a real action plan to fight the coronavirus crisis, in the face of Pedro Sánchez's rectifications and lurches"

López: "The Andalusian Government is moving forward by reactivating tourism with a plan that will provide employment and security on the beaches"

Thanks to the work of the Government of Juanma Moreno, 3.000 unemployed Andalusians will be able to train, work this summer and contribute to the development of tourism, one of the most important economic sectors in Andalusia "We have to do it again without the help of the Government of Spain, because Pedro Sánchez only sells headlines when the Andalusians what […]

Nieto: "The Government of Juanma Moreno will make an effort with companies and the self-employed, because without them there is no employment"

The spokesman for the Popular Parliamentary Group, José Antonio Nieto, is committed to "leaving no one behind" to face the economic and social solution to this crisis

Domínguez: "We Andalusians need tools to recover jobs and not have them take 200 million from us as the Sánchez government has done"

“The PSOE-A is wrong deceiving the Andalusians; It would be more useful if they demanded that their leader Sánchez not deceive us again and that he give real guarantees to pay us the remainder of the 430 million active employment policies ”

López: "The decree that reduces bureaucracy is now urgent because a vaccine is also needed for the economy and employment"

The general secretary of the Andalusian Popular Party, Loles Lopez, defends that the Andalusian Government anticipates the economic crisis again with this decree

Nieto says that the Andalusian government's measures seek to stop the virus while preserving the economy and employment

The popular warn that it is necessary to support the self-employed and transmit confidence to companies so that they do not close or fire workers

López: "Bureaucratic simplification comes to lay a red carpet for job creation in Andalusia"

21 laws and 6 decrees have been expedited, eliminating the obstacles left by the PSOE and which have been a slab for investment in this autonomous community

Nieto: "We have a brave Andalusian government that is committed to innovation to create quality employment"

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Domínguez: "The Andalusian Government is going to turn Andalusia into a haven for entrepreneurs and job creation"

The Employment Master Plan focuses on three fundamental axes to improve the employability of Andalusians, with a comprehensive reform of the SAE and a commitment to training and active employment policies

Rodríguez: "In the PP we are committed to generating wealth and employment to guarantee the welfare state

The former minister Elvira Rodríguez highlights that the water policies developed by the PP in Huelva "are the best example of actions designed for the people"

López: "To return to job creation and social policies, the vote around the PP must be united"

It is not enough for Sánchez to divide the country and agree with independentistas, but also destroys the economy "

Bravo: "The Popular Party's formula to create employment has worked every time we have applied it"

The coordinator of Economy and Finance of the PPA asks for citizen support on 10N "to take Spain at a difficult time, but not impossible"

Loles López: "Well-being, employment and social policies can only be achieved by concentrating the vote in the PP"

"Pablo Casado works for everything that unites us while Pedro Sánchez divides the Spanish and destroys the economy"

Domínguez: "With the white paper on employment we will put Andalusia at the forefront of job creation"

“To have prosperity and well-being, you have to have a good labor market; That is why we want to resume the work tables with social agents and economic groups ”

Domínguez: "The Andalusian Government will give a boost to job creation in Andalusia with the new budgets"

"Training for employment goes from 8 million in 2018 to about 80 million by 2020 thanks to the Government of change"

Martín: "Whatever happens with Sánchez in Spain, Moreno will lower taxes in Andalusia to create more jobs"

“It is shameful and despicable that Díaz prefers the worse for the Andalusians, the better for the PSOE; he puts socialist interests before the health of Andalusians ”

Domínguez: "Andalusia leaves the tail position in Employment and Economy to be the spearhead in Spain"

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Domínguez: "Andalusia continues to create employment and, in addition, stable employment"

• It stands out that stable hiring is growing compared to temporary ones because, despite a slight increase in unemployment, hiring is also growing by 29.700 Andalusians • “We have more active people in a position to find a job and the unemployment rate returns to data 2005, before the crisis”, […]

Martín: "Andalusia finally has a president who changes command and command for dialogue and unemployment for job creation"

• The deputy general secretary of the PPA, Toni Martín, applauds that the community is no longer in the media due to the PSOE corruption cases and that it is now covered by dialogue, stability and compliance. • “If Susana Díaz cared about Andalusia, she would be demanding that Pedro Sánchez […]

Venzal: "The current growth rate of employment in Andalusia will create 140.000 jobs this year"

• The vice-secretary of the PPA highlights that with this inertia and with the necessary reforms, the goal of 600.000 jobs that Juanma Moreno set out to create in this legislature can be reached • “The business confidence index has risen by 2,1% thanks to the policies of the Government of change. […]

Nieto: «The Government of Change is the first to address employment, the biggest problem in Andalusia

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NNGG ends its provincial congresses with the aim of achieving a change of government in Andalusia

• Kike Rodríguez: "NNGG is a speaker for all the young people who suffer from the boredom of the PSOE government in the Junta" • Stresses the importance of betting on entrepreneurship among young people • Ensures that Andalusia needs a PP government that has among its objectives Priority opportunities for […]

The economic leadership of Andalusia

Juanma Moreno explained Andalusia's economic leadership at the central campaign meeting: And that's why now we've arrived and we can say that Andalusia has the lowest number of unemployed in the last 15 years. And we say it with pride. That is why we can say that there are almost 100.000 new contributors in the last 12 months in Andalusia. That is why we can say that since the Andalusia Popular Party governed, we have always grown above the gross domestic product of Spain, above the Spanish average, something that did not happen before. That is why we can talk about new export records with 43.000 million euros. That is why we can say that there are more than 2.200 companies in a year in Andalusia with record figures for the incorporation of mercantile companies and companies. That is why we can talk about being leaders in self-employed workers above Catalonia. That is why this Andalusia sounds and sounds with pride in all corners of Spain... because there is a serious, rigorous, hard-working, honest government that does things with the general interest in mind, always above individual interest.

Employment creation

The Minister of Economy and Finance, Caroline Spain, highlights in this video the leadership of Andalusia in job creation.

Andalusia has become a leader in job creation, reaching an all-time high in social security affiliates. Never before have we had so many people affiliated with social security in our region. We are also leaders in reducing unemployment, achieving a figure that has not been seen since 2008. In addition, we stand out as leaders in the number of self-employed workers and in the creation of companies. Our economic growth exceeds the national average, with a growing gross domestic product (GDP) that is above the average for Spain.

The deputy from the socialist group stressed that the economy is growing both nationally and in Andalusia. During the first quarter, exports reached historic levels and foreign investment is on the rise. Business confidence is also above average. All this has been achieved despite a reduction in taxes, going from being a region with high tax burdens to becoming the second autonomous community with the lowest tax burden.

However, it is important to mention the issue of discontinuous permanent workers. We had already warned that the labor reform proposed by the extreme left of Podemos or the government of Pedro Sánchez did not take these workers into account and excluded them from the official count.