The BOJA publishes the rule that regulates how to request the zero quota and aid for the start of self-employed activity, both aids will be retroactive from January 1, 2023.

On July 3, the Official Gazette of the Government of Andalusia (BOJA) presented two new lines of economic aid aimed at supporting the self-employed and new entrepreneurs in the region, according to the published regulatory bases. This aid includes financial support for the Social Security contribution of new self-employed people and an incentive for starting an activity that can reach up to 5.500 euros. Both grants will have a completely automated application process.

First help: Zero fee

The first line, called «zero fee«, offers a subsidy to cover the Social Security contributions of the self-employed. This measure is aligned with the launch of the new state contribution system. Starting at the beginning of next year, self-employed workers will be able to retroactively request this aid that covers the expenses of the fee paid during the current year. This support will also be extended for a second year for those self-employed workers who do not earn the Minimum Interprofessional Wage, for self-employed workers who resume their self-employed activity after motherhood within the following two years, and for self-employed workers with a degree. disability equal to or greater than 33 percent, or who are victims of gender violence or terrorism.

To access the "zero quota", self-employed workers must meet certain requirements: be registered with the RETA on the date of submission of the application, carry out their activity in Andalusia and be beneficiaries of the state flat rate.

Second help: start of activity

The second line of support, intended for the "start of activity", is aimed at those who have started an activity and maintain their status as self-employed for twelve consecutive months from the day following the submission of the application. It is expected that this aid can be requested before the end of July, with an initial budget of 35,2 million euros, which would reach more than 7.000 beneficiaries.

The amount of aid for starting an activity varies between 3.800 and 5.500 euros, depending on the profile of the applicant. Thus, self-employed women under 35 years of age will be able to receive a subsidy of 5.000 euros, while those over 35 will receive 3.800 euros. In the case of men, self-employed workers under 30 years of age will receive 5.000 euros and those 30 years or older will receive 3.800 euros. However, if the beneficiaries carry out their activity in a municipality with less than 10.000 inhabitants, these amounts will increase to 5.500 euros for women under 35 years of age and men under 30, and up to 5.000 euros in the other two cases.

To request the activity start line, in addition to being registered in the RETA, carry out your activity in Andalusia and be a beneficiary of the state flat rate, the self-employed must present a feasibility plan for the projected activity on the date of submission of the application.

Aid financing

These two lines of help will be financed with the Junta de Andalucía's own funds, contributions from the European Union through the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) and finalist contributions from the State. Likewise, the maximum period for the resolution and notification of the concession will be four months from the date on which the application has been registered electronically.

The aid will be awarded on a non-competitive basis, following the order of arrival in the single electronic registry of the Junta de Andalucía, until the budget allocation is exhausted. Once compliance with the requirements has been verified, a single payment will be made that will cover 100 percent of the subsidy awarded.