The Andalusian Women's Institute (I AM) is an Andalusian public entity that promotes and fosters the conditions to achieve real and effective equality between men and women.

Actions of the Andalusian Women's Institute (IAM)

As part of its mission, the IAM implements gender equality policies and takes actions to prevent and eradicate gender violence. In addition to general responsibilities, the Andalusian Women's Institute exercises
specific competences in equality matters, which include:
● Coordination and advice to the Gender Equality Units of the different Ministries.
● The coordination and establishment of the guidelines for the elaboration of the Strategic plan for equality between women and men in Andalusia.
● Coordination in the preparation of the periodic report regarding the effectiveness of the principle of equality between women and men in the area of ​​competence of the Administration of the Junta de Andalucía.
● The management and administration of the comprehensive care and reception service for victims of gender violence and minors in their care in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia.
● Collaboration and coordination with entities and organizations that carry out actions in matters of gender violence, with special focus on the comprehensive management of risk assessment.
● The promotion of collaboration with local corporations and provincial councils to provide comprehensive social assistance to women victims of gender violence, as well as their daughters and sons.
● Carrying out information and awareness campaigns, guaranteeing access to them for all people with special integration difficulties and, in particular, people with disabilities.
● The planning, elaboration, development, and promotion of initiatives and promotion of the actions and plans of gender violence provided for in the law.

Structure of the National Institute for Women

The organic structure of the IAM has a general secretariat, various services dedicated to specific areas, and provincial centers in each of the provinces of Andalusia, all directed by committed professionals. The managers of each unit are the following:
General Secretary: Clara Crespo Carrasco
Contracting, Agreements and Subsidies Service: Alberto Alonso Vilchez
Economic and Budget Management Service: Pablo Carrero Pérez-Angulo
Computer Service: Fernando Prieto Rojas
Personnel and General Administration Service: María Teresa Gancedo Bringas
Office of Studies and Programs: María José López Sotelo
Coordination Service: Rocío del Río Lameyer
Women's Training and Employment Service: Manuel Serrano Pérez
Comprehensive Care Service Women Victims of Violence Gender: Santiago Hoya Coto

Centers in each of the provinces

In addition, it has coordination services in the Women's Centers in each Andalusian province:
● Almería: Mercedes María Giménez Soler
● Cadiz: Lourdes Páez Graván
● Cordoba: Maria Teresa Reyes Segador
● Granada: María del Mar Ruiz Durán
● Huelva: Almudena Barrera Núñez de Arenas
● Jaen: Enrique Cabecerans Cabecerans
● Malaga: Andrés González Aguilar
● Seville: Concepción Begines Amuedo
Each of these units and services plays a crucial role in achieving the IAM mission of promoting gender equality and preventing and eradicating gender violence in Andalusia.