El Andalusian Pact for Water has been approved, an initiative that aims to revolutionize water management through digitization and promote sustainable management of water resources, among other ambitious objectives. The proposal offers farmers and ranchers who are part of the Agricultural community a series of benefits that thousands of them have already discovered.

Carmen Crespo, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, described the day of approval of the Agreement in the Parliament of Andalusia as "a historic moment" that will represent a significant change in the region's water policy. Crespo stressed that this result is the fruit of a year and a half of an exemplary process, constantly supervised and approved by all political groups, which has culminated in one hundred consensus proposals that outline the path to be followed by all administrations.

With the unanimous support of the political parties represented in Parliament, the Andalusian Pact for Water was endorsed in the non-legislative proposal with favorable votes from the Popular Andaluz, Ciudadanos and Vox parliamentary groups, and with the abstention of Adelante Andalucía.

The Agreement sets out several key objectives in its water strategy, including the implementation of hydrological plans, a strong commitment to water purification and recycling, and a deep respect for ecological flows.

Likewise, its objective is the modernization and development of legislation to increase agility and legal certainty, with particular attention to the integral water cycle and the guarantee of the vital minimum. The aim is to achieve a modern, transparent and participatory administration, in addition to promoting a sustainable management of resources.

Crespo thanked all the institutions and organizations that participated in this extensive process of reaching the Andalusian Water Pact, and underlined the importance of avoiding water restrictions in the XNUMXst century and ensuring that all farming communities have access to this resource. essential.

Finally, Crespo stressed that this Agreement represents an important change in the Andalusian water policy, one that requires the maximum possible support. He emphasized that "water is everyone's responsibility and this Agreement affects us all." The Agreement, he added, provides Andalusia with a clear strategy for water policy, helping to define priority objectives and clarify what reforms are needed.