Andalusia is one of the communities in the European Union with the most problems of drought. This makes investments in hydraulic policies essential for the region's economy. In this content we summarize some of the main aspects and opinions that have to do with the Water management, water policies, investments in hydraulic infrastructure as well as the drought.

Pending hydraulic infrastructures

We summarize the pending hydraulic infrastructures in several provinces of Andalusia. All Andalusian provinces have several critical projects pending to address the lack of water and improve the Supply Chain y water treatment in the region. The projects involve desalination plants, water pipelines, renovations of sanitation systems, and new wastewater treatment stations, among others.


  • Urgent construction of a fourth desalination plant in the Levante area.
  • Improvements in several existing desalination plants and projects to make better use of water.
  • Upstream supply improvements in the Almanzora Valley and improvements in regenerated water stations in El Ejido and Roquetas de Mar.


  • Supply improvements in the La Janda region and in several water pipelines.
  • Projects are being carried out to improve drinking water treatment and new wastewater treatment plants (WWTP).


  • Need for works in the southern area and improvements in the supply network in Lucena.
  • Projects to improve the water supply in the north of the province and connection between reservoirs.


  • Works on the pipelines derived from the Rules dam.
  • Emergency actions on the coast and other projects related to water scarcity.


  • Emergency transfer and renovation of the San Silvestre tunnel to improve the amount of water mobilized.
  • Pending projects in the Alcolea dam and in the 'Huelva Water Ring'.


  • Pending projects to use the water stored in the Siles dam and the Cerrada de la Puerta dam.
  • Improvements to the water supply of the Víboras-Quiebrajano that affects several municipalities.


  • Interconnection of water systems and improvements in the Marbella desalination plant.
  • Need to renew the sanitation system on the Costa del Sol and other works related to the water shortage in the region.


  • Study for the possible start-up of the San Calixto Dam.
  • Improvement of the high-pressure supply system in the Sierra Sur of Seville, benefiting several municipalities.

News on drought and water issues

Drought Plus Plan

At the Government Council on December 5, the Drought Plus Plan was presented to combat the consequences of the drought in Andalusia.

Doñana Park. The PP-A will keep its promises

Repullo expressed his commitment to the bill to reorganize the agricultural areas of the Huelva County of the Doñana Park.

Water infrastructure: The PP-A points out the Government of Spain for not supporting improvements against drought in Andalusia

Antonio Repullo criticized the position of the Spanish Government for its refusal to support improvements in water infrastructure in the face of drought

The PP asks Espadas for courage and to say whether he would allow a second-class Andalusia just to defend Sánchez

The vice-secretary of Organization of the Popular Andalusians, Alejandro Romero, reaffirms the “firm commitment” of the PP with equality between all the territories of Spain

Videos related to drought and water management

Antonio Repullo. The problem of drought in Andalusia.

Unfortunately we are in a time when it is difficult for it to rain or for it to rain a lot. We need all the institutions to do everything in their power to correct this situation of drought and help Andalusia not to lose this journey, this situation that is the locomotive of Spain.

Juanma Moreno's government has been farsighted, it has launched some years ago urgent works that have allowed areas of Andalusia that today would not have water, can have it.

We are going to implement the third drought decree in a very short time. Reclaimed water has been used to protect protected areas in Andalusia. That is the reality of a government that bets on the water works that, bets on the solution of the problems and others that permanently crush Andalusia.

Not in vain we currently have a CAP that goes against the interests of our farmers and our farmers at the worst moment when the worst is happening, cutting 500 million euros that those farmers and farmers did receive before.

Undoubtedly, Andalusia needs the institutions to go hand in hand, that they all go to correct this type of situation so that Andalusia continues to be what it is currently doing, the locomotive of Spain and occupying the places it has always had to occupy.

Investments in water policies

Pedro Sánchez has stops the vital water works for Andalusia

We are going through a critical moment. The Junta de Andalucía is assuming powers that are not its own, they belong to the State, such as that connection, that conductivity of the desalination plants with Roquetas, so that Roquetas has quality water. He is doing that because we have a president who governs, who makes decisions, who solves the problems of the people, how is the hydraulic work.
The problems of something as important as agriculture in Andalusia is the main one, one of the main economic axes, it is essential that it work well at the base of our economy. We have to make those infrastructures compatible with the environment at all times.

Pedro Sánchez, on the other hand, is not that he does not spend on water works, it is that he has no plan to Andalusia, he does not have a plan, he does not know what he is going to spend it on and what are the needs of the water basins managed by the Spanish state. The only plan that Pedro Sánchez has is to come to Andalusia to basically do two things: The first is to insult the president of the Andalusian government and all the Andalusians with them, and secondly, to insult our farmers, leaving them absolutely in the lurch.

He has already forgotten the pride that the government had when in the time of the covid the farmers from Almeria filled the pantry of half of Europe. Now is when you have to be with the farmers, as is the popular party before during and after, yesterday today and tomorrow. We will always be with those farmers who are the pride of Andalusia and the pride of Spain in half the world.

The councilor Catalina García also claims the water infrastructures.

The counselor is forceful in her presentation on the lack of water infrastructure:

Are you, since you are speaking, the socialist parliamentary group and you For Andalusia, who govern Spain, aware of the drought situation in Andalusia? They are not aware, of course not, and of course the Andalusians are going to do the reading to you here and the Spaniards above, because you do not talk about your skills.

The Guadiana and Guadalquivir basins are owned by the Spanish government. Knowing that the water from La Colada had been declared unfit for bathing in the summer, the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation unilaterally decided, without counting on this Junta de Andalucía, nor with this Ministry, nor with the Ministry of Health, make the connection from La Colada and not from Puente Nuevo, where the water does have quality. So, responsibilities? Yours.

Of course, do not doubt that in the Valle de los Pedregales region they know whose jurisdiction it is, they know who the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation belongs to, the Spanish government, and the Guadiana, the Spanish government, not Health, not Agriculture, not Environment.

Dedicate yourselves, who govern Spain together, to bring water to Andalusia, to give the money that corresponds to us: Ezequiel's decree of the government of Spain, 9.7 million euros; decrees of the government of Juanma Moreno, 300 million euros. Come to build infrastructures for farmers, to irrigate, so as not to have water quality problems, assume competencies, commit to this land.

There is no greater problem in Andalusia and for Andalusians than the water deficit, absolutely for everyone and, very soon, for drinking. So, Your Honor, apply the story and get to work.

Antonio Repullo remembers the pending water works

El Secretary General of the Andalusian PP, Antonio Repullo remember in this video that the Government of Pedro Sánchez has many works pending to be carried out in Andalusia.

The people of Almeria are suffering the consequences of the fact that Sánchez has not carried out the more than 20 water works that are pending. Meanwhile, the Government of Juanma Moreno is going to continue working for and for the Andalusians, as it does Maria del Mar Vazquez.

Juanma Moreno asks the Government of Spain to include water on the political agenda

«We have achieved that for the first time the Government of Spain talks about water. Even if it's in an electoral campaign, but hey, he's talking about water. But we have managed to put water on the political agenda, something that did not exist and now what we have
to transfer to that political agenda concrete commitments among all. I am not telling the government here, I am getting out of the way… no, no. Junta de Andalucía what corresponds to us, that we have already done 23 works that do not correspond to us and the Junta de Andalucía has been and the Deputations themselves. Because without water our towns die. And in that sense we have to have a very determined speech. We have to fight for Andalusia's water. If we don't fight for water, there will be a very serious present and future problem. That is going to generate depopulation, because agriculture and livestock generate a lot of labor, which is what many people live on. If cattle are being sacrificed, if they are having 30% of the harvest of, for example, olives and therefore olives, if there is going to be practically no rice this year, what do we live on?