We offer you the most outstanding news about Andalusia, achievements and aspect of our economy and culture that demonstrate the leadership of the Autonomous Community.

Wallet card for vulnerable families. What is it and how it works

What is the new wallet card for vulnerable families, how it works and why it is generating so much controversy due to its use.

Drought in Malaga: The Board makes the largest investment in history in the province

The Junta de Andalucía makes an investment of more than 300 million euros to combat the drought in Malaga.

Huelva will have the largest green methanol plant

Huelva will have the largest green methanol plant in Europe, in an ambitious project joint initiative of Cepsa and C2x.

Alba Sánchez Montalvo will participate in the life on Mars simulation project

Alba Sánchez Montalvo, Biotechnology expert, joins the Mars Society in Utah to investigate life on Mars and document the mission.

Zero quota for Andalusian self-employed workers

The Zero Quota in Andalusia allows self-employed workers who registered in 2023 to request reimbursement of their Social Security contributions

Drought Plus Plan

At the Government Council on December 5, the Drought Plus Plan was presented to combat the consequences of the drought in Andalusia.

Waiting lists in Andalusia

Andalusia has managed to significantly reduce waiting lists compared to 2018, which marked the end of the socialist era.

The Board allocates 3 million euros for the personal assistant of patients with ALS

The Government of Andalusia announces an investment of 3 million euros to launch a pilot project to support ALS patients.

Jesús Rodríguez Baño included in the Highly Cited Researchers 2023

Jesús Rodríguez Baño, professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Seville, included in the Highly Cited Researchers 2023 list.

XXIII Day of Education in Values: A Fusion of Sports, Music and Volunteering in Andalusia

The Andalusian Parliament dressed up for the XXIII Day of Education in Values, a unique celebration of culture and solidarity.

Eleonora Viezzer obtains two ERC Grants at the University of Seville

Eleonora Viezzer, professor at the Univ. Seville and member of the department. of Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics, obtains his second ERC Grants.

Health infrastructure: Investment of 557 million in construction and renovation

The Andalusian Government announces an investment of €557 million in the construction and renovation of health infrastructure.

Ecological Cement: a patent from the University of Jaén

The University of Jaén creates an ecological cement made from rice husk ashes and aluminum powder.

Digital voucher for Internet in Andalusia

More than 28.000 families will be able to benefit from the Digital Bonus, having a discount of 240 euros on their internet bill.

The Junta de Andalucía will present an appeal to the Constitutional Court against the amnesty law

The Junta de Andalucía is studying the presentation of an appeal for unconstitutionality against the amnesty law presented yesterday by the PSOE.

Andalusian silver nanosatellite. It's already in orbit.

The launch of the Andalusian nanosatellite “Platero” marks a milestone in the field of technological innovation and precision agriculture.

Andalusia takes up the flag against the grievance against Spain

Massive rallies against the amnesty. Andalusia takes up the flag against the grievance against Spain in all its capitals.

amnesty law

The recent proposal for an amnesty law in Spain reignites the debate about this legal concept and its place in our political history

Rallies against the amnesty. November 12 in all the capitals of Spain

Rallies against the amnesty called by the Popular Party for next Sunday, December 12.

Spain falls 22 places on the list of women's well-being with Pedro Sánchez

Since Pedro Sánchez assumed the presidency of the Spanish Government, the country has suffered an alarming drop in the well-being of women.

Women in the rural world of Andalusia

On the International Day of Rural Women, Antonio Repullo has highlighted the influence of women in the rural world of Andalusia.

Plan for the 280.000 Andalusian women with disabilities

Plans for people with disabilities are programs designed to guarantee all people access to all opportunities and resources in different areas of life.

Business creation: Andalusia exceeds the national average by 8 points

The Andalusian economy shows an increase of 19,8% in business creation during August, exceeding the national rate by eight points.

Pending hydraulic infrastructures in Andalusia

Andalusia has numerous pending hydraulic infrastructures, some of which have been planned for more than two decades.

Request aid for SMEs and the self-employed to compensate for the extra energy cost

This is the last week for SMEs and the self-employed to apply for compensation aid for the extra energy costs. 

María José García-Pelayo new president of the FEMP

María José García-Pelayo, mayor of Jerez, new president of the FEMP, replacing the socialist Abel Caballero, mayor of Vigo.

Young filmmakers from Algeciras at the San Sebastián Festival

About 20 young people from two high schools in the El Saladillo neighborhood of Algeciras present 2 short films at the San Sebastián Festival.

CAR-T: The Vanguard of Research to Combat Ewing Sarcoma

The Seville Biomedicine Institute led by Dr. De Álava carries out a project with CAR-T cells against Ewing sarcoma.

Foreign investment has skyrocketed by 87% in Andalusia in the last three years

President Juanma Moreno has explained that foreign investment has skyrocketed by 87% in Andalusia in the last three years.

Doñana Park. The PP-A will keep its promises

Repullo expressed his commitment to the bill to reorganize the agricultural areas of the Huelva County of the Doñana Park.

More Sánchez Less Andalusia

#MásSánchezMenosAndalucía is the hashtag that we have chosen to defend Andalusia tooth and nail against the grievances received.

Tourism Employment: Andalusia leads growth

Andalusia registers a 5% increase in Social Security affiliations in tourism employment, rising to 343.075 affiliates in August.

Carolina Spain: Catalonia receives 140 euros more for each inhabitant than Andalusia

Carolina España pointed out a worrying difference in per capita financing: Catalonia receives 140 euros more per inhabitant than Andalusia.

Water infrastructure: The PP-A points out the Government of Spain for not supporting improvements against drought in Andalusia

Antonio Repullo criticized the position of the Spanish Government for its refusal to support improvements in water infrastructure in the face of drought

Business creation in Andalusia: positive rebound of 0,9%

The Andalusian economy has experienced a positive rebound in business creation, reaching 240.810 this month of August.

Mental health: record investment to improve infrastructure

The Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs has allocated more than 14 million euros to strengthen mental health infrastructures in Andalusia.

Organ transplants in Andalusia: Increase of 21%

Organ transplants in Andalusia have experienced a significant increase in these first months of the year.

International tourism in Andalusia: 20% increase in July

Andalusia has experienced an increase of more than 20% in international tourism during the month of July compared to the previous year.

People in a situation of dependency: Andalusia will expand the offer of places in 2023

Andalusia has announced a significant increase in the number of places for people in a situation of dependency for the current year.

Mental Health Units in Andalusia: 318 new professionals

Given the alarming increase in suicidal behavior among minors, Andalusia has intensified its focus on mental health.

Bioclimatization in Andalusian schools: Completion scheduled for the end of 2023

Counselor Patricia del Pozo assures that the Bioclimatization works in Andalusian schools will be finished before the end of this year.

The "fiscal miracle" of Andalusia: More revenue with tax reduction

Andalusia has shown that tax reduction does not imply a drop in revenue, experiencing an unprecedented fiscal boom.

The Board invests 93,3 million euros in free textbooks

The Board makes an investment of 93,3 million euros in free textbooks for the next school year 2023/2024.

Business creation in Andalusia increases 22,4% in June

The creation of new companies in Andalusia increases by 22,4% in June compared to the same month in 2022, reaching the figure of 1.883 companies.

José Carlos Álvarez defends the Board as a "lifeline" in the face of drought

José Carlos Álvarez defended that the government of Juanma Moreno has been key for the Andalusian entities and municipalities affected by drought.

Andalusia leads the decrease in unemployment in Spain in July

Andalusia leads the decrease in unemployment in Spain. The region registered 5.166 fewer unemployed people in July, 50% of all of Spain.

398 digital devices in 62 Hospital Classrooms in Andalusia

The Department of Educational Development and Vocational Training will deliver a total of 398 digital devices in the 62 Hospital Classrooms of Andalusia.

Andalusia presents the largest trade surplus in Spain

Andalusia ended 2022 being the autonomous community with the highest trade surplus in Spain, surpassing Catalonia for the first time.

VAT to hairdressers, Alberto Núñez Feijóo agrees to lower it

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, assured that VAT will be lowered to hairdressers, during an interview on the program "Espejo Público", on Antena 3.

Grants for projects: The IAJ opens the term

The Andalusian Youth Institute announces that it has opened the period for youth associations to apply for grants for projects

#It's the time to vote for Feijóo if you like Andalusia's management style

If you like Andalusia's management style, #It'sTime to once again trust and support massively and vote for Feijóo.

Antena 3 face-to-face debate: Pedro Sánchez's lies and Feijóo's truths

Compilation of the lies that the President of the Government Pedro Sánchez told in the face-to-face debate of A3 with Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

The University of Córdoba among the best in the world

The University of Córdoba enters one of the most prestigious rankings in the world, confirming the leadership of the Andalusian public university.

CAR-T therapy, a success at Hospital Virgen del Rocío

CAR-T therapy offers a hopeful future in the treatment of various types of cancer, making it possible to see the end of chemotherapy.

Pedro Sánchez. The grievances with Andalusia

List of grievances of President Pedro Sánchez with Andalusia. More than 120 breaches detailed by municipalities and provinces.

The Project Accelerator Unit: Driving Economic Growth in Andalusia

The Project Accelerator Unit is a pioneering initiative that is proving to be a driver of change and development in Andalusia.

Juanma Moreno reaffirms his support for the red fruit sector

Juanma Moreno Bonilla, president of the Board, reaffirmed his support for the red fruit sector in the region, highlighting its strategic importance.

Record summer of visitors in Andalusia

Andalusia foresees a record summer in which more than 11,5 million visitors will be exceeded between July and September, according to Arturo Bernal.

President Juanma Moreno's commitment to Jaén

Juanma Moreno shows his commitment to Jaén during his visit to the Town Hall and that the objective is to place the province in the place it deserves.

148 Blue Flags on beaches and ports in Andalusia for this Summer

Andalusia breaks a record with 148 Blue Flags on its beaches and ports for the summer of 2023, which is an environmental recognition.

Modernization of dams and high investment in works in Andalusia

Carmen Crespo celebrates the high investment in works and modernization of dams in Andalusia: in which the level of execution is 91,6%.

Andalusia, the most desired Community to live according to a study

A recent study by Grupo Mutua Propietarios reveals that Andalusia is the most desired autonomous community for Spaniards to live in.

Primary Care in Andalusia. Outlook for 2024

Catalina García, Minister of Health of the Junta de Andalucía, highlights that 2024 will make a significant difference in Primary Care.

Fighting against the drought in Andalusia

The policy of the president of the Junta, Juanma Moreno, in terms of water: Fighting against the drought in Andalusia.

The Airbus Project is consolidated in the province of Cádiz

The mega contract of the Airbus Project with the Indian airline IndiGo will have a huge economic impact on the entire province of Cádiz.

The environmental policy of the Junta de Andalucía is a reference in the MedCOP Clima 2023

The Junta de Andalucía leads the way in the fight against climate change in MedCOP Clima 2023, becoming a fundamental pillar.

Juanma Moreno's Economic Formula: Andalusia, the Second Autonomous Community with the Lowest Taxes in Spain.

Juanma Moreno's Economic Formula is for Andalusia to be the Second Autonomous Community with the Lowest Taxes in Spain.

Andalusia bets on Artificial Intelligence

Andalusia is committed to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in its public services to improve the attention to citizens.

Andalucía Roadshow Startup Program

The Andalusian Autonomous Community is one of the great promoters of emerging companies through the "Startup Andalucía Roadshow" program.

Tourism in Andalusia recovers pre-pandemic figures and demonstrates its strength in the economic fabric of the region

The statistics from the Andalusian Tourism Analysis and Statistics System (SAETA) confirmed an increase in tourism in Andalusia.

Highest increase in business creation in Andalusia since 2008 in the first four-month period

Andalusia has experienced a notable boom in business creation, registering its best first four-month period since 2008.

"Lucia" project for lung cancer research

The "Lucia" Project for Lung Cancer Research will have the participation of the autonomous community of Andalusia.

The Andalusian Women's Institute and its training plan

The Andalusian Women's Institute trains more than 100 professionals in care and detection of gender violence in minors.

Andalusian students demolish clichés

Moreno Bonilla, highlights that Andalusian students demolish clichés, entering the university with the highest grades in all of Spain.

Award for training in the organ and tissue donation and transplantation process

Andalusia recognized for training in the organ donation and transplantation process at the National Congress of Transplant Coordinators

Creation of companies in Spain. Andalusia among the first communities in April

Andalusia stands out for the business drive last April, after the creation of 1.505 new companies.

The leadership of Andalusian football

Andalusia's leadership in Spanish football is endorsed by the 5 teams that will contribute to the top flight next season.

The strawberry from Huelva and the German boycott

La Fresa de Huelva is the main victim of the escalation of tension in the Junta de Andalucía and the Government of Spain.

ASAJA calls for the resignation of the Vice President of the Government Teresa Ribera for her support for the boycott of strawberries in Huelva

ASAJA, Agrarian Association of Young Farmers, calls for the resignation of Teresa Ribera for supporting the boycott of strawberries in Huelva.

Causes for not being at a polling station

Legal reasons why we can avoid the polling station in the next elections if we have been chosen to be part of it.

Romero 2023 Plan: Technological Innovations and Special Preparations

Romero 2023 Plan: All the preparations to guarantee the safety and well-being of the pilgrims. They are the priority of the Junta de Andalucía.

Juan Espadas supports the agreements with Bildu and ERC

Juan Espadas has publicly supported the agreements with Bildu and ERC in an interview he conducted in El Mundo this Friday, May 5.

Andalusia approves claiming a PERTE for tourism from the Government

Andalusia has approved, at the proposal of the Andalusian PP, requesting from the Government a specific PERTE for tourism endowed with at least 12.000 million euros.

Andalusia leads the drop in unemployment in April to its lowest level in 15 years

The Andalusian community recorded 20.551 fewer unemployed in April and places the unemployment rate at the lowest in the last fifteen years.

Andalusia grows above the national average and recovers pre-pandemic GDP before Spain

The economic growth of the Andalusian Autonomous Community is advancing at a faster rate than in the country as a whole, it is even six tenths above the fourth quarter of 2019, before COVID

West Nile virus: Andalusia anticipates by monitoring the presence of mosquitoes in 110 municipalities

Surveillance will cover 110 Andalusian municipalities to define the new risk map with the different risk levels of the West Nile Virus.

The King of CO2: The Falcon de Sánchez emits 55.500 tons of carbon dioxide

Pedro Sánchez is the King of Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, thanks to the compulsive use of the Falcon to travel.

Vaccine against lung cancer. Pioneer Andalusia in Spain

The Virgen Macarena Hospital is a pioneer for applying a new treatment against lung cancer, the tumor that causes the highest mortality.

Andalusia, the community of Spain where the government of Pedro Sánchez makes the least investment

The Executive led by Pedro Sánchez has fulfilled only 68% of the commitments acquired with Andalusia during the past year, according to the General State Budgets. 

Andalusia freezes the price of university tuition and exempts beneficiaries from the minimum income

The Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía addresses this Tuesday the public prices of the universities in the region.

The lowest school dropout rate in the history of Andalusia with 6,6 points

Andalusia reaches a historic milestone in education by registering the lowest dropout rate. The Junta de Andalucía celebrates the significant progress in education by reducing school dropout by 6,6 points in the last four years, reaching the lowest rate in its history, according to data from the Ministry […]

Women and entrepreneurship, a priority in Andalusian Public Education

Women and entrepreneurship. The Board promotes from the Andalusian Women's Institute the initiative: Entrepreneurship with a gender focus.

The first artificial cornea developed in Granada successfully completes its first trial in patients

The patients participating in the trial reflected a significant improvement and expressed their satisfaction with the treatment received.

Andalusia launches a program of excellence to combine Secondary Education with Music and Dance

This program is a great opportunity for students who have an artistic talent and want to develop their potential while completing High School.

Andalusia already has the first Flamenco Law in regional history

The Flamenco Law guarantees the protection and conservation of flamenco, as well as its dissemination and promotion as Andalusia's intangible cultural heritage.

Andalusia encourages the presence of women in technological professions under the motto 'We are the future in ICT'

On the occasion of the International Girls in ICT Day, Andalusia launches a new awareness campaign with the aim of promoting studies and professions in the field of technology, information and communication (ICT) for a new generation of girls and women youths. 

Andalusia leads the drop in unemployment in Spain with its best unemployment rate since 2008

Andalusia is the community where unemployment has fallen the most in the first three months of the year (19.100 fewer unemployed) and leading the figures for job creation.

The government of Juanma Moreno approves the third drought decree and asks Sánchez to act: "Andalusia is drying up, there is no time to lose"

The decree includes measures worth 163 million euros to deal with the complicated situation of "extreme drought" that Andalusia is going through.

The Government of Juanma Moreno promotes the subways of Seville, Malaga and Granada: they already exceed 10 million passengers

The Seville, Malaga and Granada metros have already carried more than 10 million passengers, exceeding demand prior to Covid-19.

The PP values ​​the better protection of the child population thanks to the extension of the vaccination calendar in Andalusia

This Tuesday, April 25, the administration of the new 20-valent vaccine against pneumonia caused by pneumococcus, one of the most serious, begins.

Historical record of exports from Andalusia in the first two months of 2023

Exports from Andalusia achieved a new historical record between January and February 2023, reaching 6.415 million euros.

Standard and Poor's awards Andalusia the best financial solvency since 2012

Standard and Poor's raises Andalusia's international financial solvency rating from BBB+ to A-. The best in a decade.

Public health in Andalusia: investment of 422 million in health infrastructure and technological equipment in 2023

The regional budgets allocate the historical figure of 2023 million euros to public health in Andalusia in 13.837,5, 4.000 million more (40,58%) compared to the last budget of the socialist government.

The poorly managed Diputación de Jaén is a problem in the province

Erik Domínguez, president of the PP of Jaén, regrets that Francisco Reyes flees from the debate on the management of the Jaén Provincial Council.

Tourism in Andalusia: Historic Holy Week with more than one million visitors and 403 million income in Holy Week

Andalusia registers a historic Holy Week with more than a million visits and 403 million income during this holiday season.

TV3 of Catalonia offends the Virgen del Rocío and Andalusia

What has happened to the TV3 program, Catalan public television, the mockery of the Virgen del Rocío and the Andalusian accent? we explain it to you

Income statement 2023 in Andalusia: these are the new deductions that can be applied to personal income tax

Andalusians will be able to deduct in the 2023 income statement expenses such as renting or buying homes and learning languages, and double deductions for birth in small towns

Unemployment: Andalusia leads the drop in unemployment in Spain in March 2023

Andalusia registered the largest drop in unemployment in Spain in March with 15.284 fewer to 734.391 unemployed.

The Constitutional admits the appeal of the Junta de Andalucía to the tax on large fortunes

The Constitutional Court admits the Board's appeal against the tax on large fortunes but rules out the precautionary suspension.

Asier Unciti-Broceta, the Andalusian scientist who discovers a drug against cancer

Asier Unciti-Broceta, a native of Algeciras, discovers an anti-cancer drug that inhibits a protein present in very advanced tumors.

Care for people in situations of dependency multiplies

The Councilor of the Board, Loles López, highlighted the expansion of places to care for people in a situation of dependency in Andalusia.

The news that is a trend in Andalusia, achievements and leadership are based largely on the action of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía carried in Bolivia by  Juanma Moreno Bonilla.