The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno Bonilla, explained on March 29 that it is the Andalusian Project Accelerator Unit.

Investment Project Accelerator Unit (UAP)

The Accelerator Unit for Investment Projects in Andalusia: a force in attracting investment

The figure of the public servant has been elevated to a higher level in Andalusia, forming an elite unit dedicated to the ambitious mission of turning the region into a power in attracting investment. The Project Accelerator Unit (UAP) has proven to be a success in this endeavor, and other places, such as Madrid, have taken note and replicated the initiative.

The balance of the UAP so far is impressive. 72 initiatives have been assigned that promote a total of 123 projects in Andalusia. Together, these investments amount to 11.000 million euros, and have generated more than 42.000 jobs in the region. Most of the initiatives belong to the industrial and renewable energy sectors, undoubtedly contributing to the transformation of the economic profile of Andalusia.

The success of the UAP in Andalusia has been an example for other regions, such as Madrid, which have implemented similar initiatives. By copying and adapting this approach, these regions also seek to generate progress, well-being and, especially, boost business relations with the public sector and public administration.

More information on the official UAP Twitter account: @uapjunta.

The experience of the UAP in Andalusia shows that, when put into practice, some initiatives can produce significant results. With four successful years in the region, it is solid proof that this approach works.