• He points out that the five large Andalusian municipalities with the lowest unemployment rate are governed by the PP
  • "The municipalities of Andalusia with the lowest unemployment rate are governed by the PP and it cannot be a coincidence"
  • Remember that analysts speak of a "strong resistance" in Andalusia to reduce the unemployment rate and "the strong resistance is called PSOE"

The spokesman for the Andalusian PP, Elías Bendodo, analyzed today in Marbella the employment situation in our autonomous community before the celebration of May 1 and was convinced that the Andalusian socialists are demonstrating today asking for a better and more dignified job "against them themselves”.
Bendodo described as "paradoxical" that "those socialists who have Andalusia at the bottom of unemployment in Spain demonstrate today", when they are "incapable" of solving, after forty years, the high unemployment rate that we have in Andalusia.
The Andalusian PP spokesman said that this is "the employment party" in Andalusia and gave as an example the fact that the five municipalities with more than 40.000 inhabitants with the lowest unemployment rate in the Community are governed by the PP: Marbella, Rincón de la Victoria, Estepona, El Ejido and Roquetas de Mar.
He affirmed that "it cannot be a coincidence" and he was convinced that the rate in Marbella, the lowest with 17%, has fallen in the last year because the Popular Party government has recovered.
Elías Bendodo believes that the Labor Reform has been "the tool that has allowed our country to lead the generation of employment throughout Europe, although today it will be the target of those who go out into the streets."
"Those who are going to criticize the government's measures today -he added-, do not say that the Labor Reform is the same for everyone and, while in some autonomous communities employment growth continues unstoppable, in Andalusia we are in tow".
Bendodo recalled the analysis of the Fundación de Estudios de Economía Aplicada, which in a report compares all the Autonomous Communities of Spain and says that Andalusia and Extremadura, governed by socialists, present strong resistance to reduce their unemployment rate.
"This strong resistance is called the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party -said Bendodo- most of the CCAAs have benefited from the effects of the Labor Reform and have reduced their unemployment rate to a record rate in the European Union, except in Andalusia" .
For the popular leader, the "paradoxical" thing is that the Board, which has precisely the powers of Employment, has found a "lifeline" in the Labor Reform. Since Mariano Rajoy is president, 390.000 jobs have been recovered in Andalusia and Juanma Moreno, "when he is president of the Junta, we are convinced that he will create 600.000 jobs in the first legislature of popular government."