• Insists on the "face to face" raised by TVE, although "she is not going to answer because she does not dare to debate with Juanma Moreno"
• Casado believes that "Díaz does not like Andalusians to know that their votes serve to satisfy independentistas, Batasunos and Podemos"
The Andalusian PP campaign coordinator, Elías Bendodo, has demanded today in the Intermunicipal held by the PP in Malaga, the socialist candidate, Susana Díaz, that she give an opinion on the change of opinion of the State Attorney regarding the possible crime of rebellion committed by pro-independence leaders in Catalonia.
Bendodo believes that Susana Díaz has on many occasions claimed her role in defense of the unity of Spain and against the independentistas, for which reason she should give an explanation for this change of criteria by the government of Pedro Sánchez.
In this same sense, the president of the PP, Pablo Casado, has manifested himself, who referred to the socialist candidate, who "does not like us to talk about national politics because he does not want the Andalusians to know that their votes in Congress and in the Pedro Sánchez uses them in the Senate to please the independentistas, the Batasunos and those of Podemos. Still, we're going to remember him every day."
For the Andalusian PP campaign coordinator, the 2D vote for the PSOE is the “vote for the policies that have led us to the bottom of all the statistics. Voting for Podemos can be voting for the PSOE and voting for Ciudadanos, it is also voting for Susana Díaz. Four years ago they said the same thing, that they had come to change and then they propped up the regime of the last 40 years”.
Elías Bendodo recalled that TVE has raised several debates, including a face-to-face between Susana Díaz and Juanma Moreno. "She is not going to answer, she does not dare to debate with our candidate, because she has little to say after forty years, she is the same as Chaves and Griñán."