• The president of the PP in Malaga recalls that in 37 years of socialism no amendments from the rest of the groups were accepted. "I think they didn't even read them, the arrogance of socialism was so great that they passed the roller"
• "We agreed with Vox, with Ciudadanos, with Podemos and also with the PSOE, because our obligation is to speak and reach agreements with everyone," he recalled.

The president of the Popular Party of Malaga and advisor to the Presidency of the Board, Elías Bendodo, highlighted this Saturday that the budgets of the new Government of change contain the historical data that they contemplate amendments from all parliamentary groups, since "in 37 years of socialism in Andalusia not one amendment was accepted, I think they didn't even read them. The arrogance of socialism was so great that they applied the roller”.

Fortunately, Bendodo continued, after six months of the new government, amendments have been accepted. "Each councilor has read theirs and good ideas from Vox, the PSOE and Adelante Andalucía have been seen, and a total of 44 amendments have been accepted that will make these budgets better."

In an act in Fuengirola, Bendodo stressed that the approval of these amendments reinforces and makes clear “the capacity for dialogue of the Government of Juanma Moreno. “Socalism does not find out. He accuses us of agreeing with Vox, but we also agree with Podemos and with themselves, as for the renewal of all the organs of parliamentary extraction ”. In this sense, he insisted that the obligation "is to reach agreements with all the parties, because a new time has come in which doors and windows have to be opened."

In the council of popular mayors of Malaga, Bendodo lamented that after the European Union has invested more than 80 million euros in Andalusia since the late 100.000s, "we continue to be the last in many issues such as employment, health and education." However, he assured that with the new management of the Government of change "the situation is going to change."

Thus he went back to explain the main lines of the budgets of the Andalusian Government, recalling that Juanma Moreno gave the instruction to bet on health, education and social services. "These three flags of the left with the three great frauds of the left and of socialism." In this sense, Bendodo gave as an example that "their mouths have been full for 37 years saying that health was what they managed best in the world, that public education was the best in the world and that it was the land where the most I was betting on social services. And in six months we have demonstrated the great fraud, ”he sentenced.

He went on to recall how the Socialists hid half a million Andalusians on the waiting lists, that the community has a 25% school failure rate and that although "thousands of people were filled with addiction, they were not even discharged for that they did not count ”, he concluded.

Regarding tourism, he recalled that this year Andalusia will receive 33 million tourists. “This land should also be for working and investing, not just for visiting. We must ensure that the unemployment data that embarrasses us changes and that the businessman who wants to invest here does not receive so many hits from the administration," said Bendodo, who was also convinced that the government of change will make "Andalusia be a land that generates certainty, trust and reliability”, he concluded.