• Defends that the Government of Change is going to accelerate the execution of projects and that it take appropriate measures to guarantee a better management of European funds.
• “The PSOE is a big lie for progress because its incapacity has deprived Andalusia of opportunities
The spokesman for Infrastructures of the Popular Group in Parliament, Juan Bueno, has lamented this "true shame that the PSOE has caused, which, having the support of the EU to finance large necessary projects, has not been able to carry them out due to an alarming incapacity due to lack of of the socialists to manage and a scandalous lack of interest in improving the lives of the Andalusians”.

After learning that the socialist executives only certified 12% of the 835 million euros assigned to the Feder de Fomento operating program for the period 2014-2020, Bueno has denounced that the PSOE has been "a big lie for the progress of Andalusia" due to because "because of his enormous disability and his lamentable lack of interest, he has put important infrastructures in our community at risk, depriving even Andalusians of opportunities and job creation."

"If the EU had the money to build infrastructure in Andalusia and the PSOE from the Junta did not make them go ahead, it is clear who are to blame for the setback that our autonomous community has been suffering for years, with a terrible, disastrous and unfortunate management that the Socialists led to all areas of responsibility of the Andalusian Government”.

"With this, it has also contributed to preventing the creation of employment, since only with these works at least 7.000 Andalusians would have been unemployed," said Bueno, who criticized that this attitude "has been the complete opposite of what It should be a public administration, which, far from impeding economic growth, should promote it as the Executive of Juanma Moreno is doing now”.

In this sense, the popular spokesman has defended the measures that the Ministry of Public Works will implement to reprogram European funds and guarantee the remaining 735 million euros that have not been certified.
"The Government of Change brings a change that is as real as it is positive to Andalusia and thanks to it the pace of execution of programs already included in the Feder will be accelerated and changing the management of previous governments."

Thus, Bueno has also valued that "the Board counts on the town halls when proposing these infrastructures so as not to include actions in the European funds without having signed relevant agreements with the consistories, as the PSOE has done, which has never bet for listening to others and, therefore, with terrible results in their efforts, as we see with the Feder and as we already saw with the PISTA fiasco”.