• "The president talks about the 80 days it took her to form a government, but she doesn't talk about the 725 days her government has been paralyzed because of the primaries"
  • The Andalusian PP will take to the plenary session "the Andalusia that Díaz does not want to see" and will make proposals on the Summer Plan for hospitals, taxation, shells and other issues

The spokesperson for the Parliamentary Group of the Andalusian PP, Carmen Crespo, has assured this Wednesday that this afternoon, with her appearance in Parliament, the "theater season of Mrs. Díaz" begins, of which she has said that, after her defeat in the PSOE primaries, “tries to make a clean slate with coups de effect”.

Crespo has asked Díaz to appear "with humility, not with his usual arrogance, and to acknowledge his failure for having put the PSOE above the Andalusians and for having wasted so much time." The popular spokeswoman has indicated that the "paralyzed government" of Díaz needs "a great remodeling and not a patch-up." "He wants us to believe that the legislature begins now, but two years have passed," said Crespo, who has indicated that "Mrs. Díaz always talks about the 80 days it took her to be appointed president, but she does not talk about the 725 days that his government has been paralyzed by the PSOE primaries”.

Faced with Díaz's need to "give effect", from the Andalusian PP "we are not going to allow it and we are going to put on the table the Andalusia that she does not want to see, the reality of the Andalusians who are clamoring in the street, like the toilets who denounce the collapse of the emergencies ”, he said.

Crespo has assured that Juanma Moreno is also going to demand a Summer Plan from Díaz in hospitals that guarantees 100 percent care, a solution for teachers and students in conservatories, for Andalusian children who teach in shells and for those who suffer temperatures of 40 degrees.

Likewise, the president of the Andalusian PP will demand the definitive implementation of the active employment policies, that he subsidize the Inheritance and Donations tax to 99 percent "so that we stop being the Spaniards who pay the most taxes", and that he talks about the convergence problems of the Andalusian economy, after today the report of the Center for Economic Prediction (Ceprede) was released, which predicts growth for Andalusia that is 3 tenths lower than the national average.

Crespo has announced that Juanma Moreno will contribute in his speech positive proposals to solve these problems, such as the reduction of Inheritance and Donations Tax, the reduction of Personal Income Tax, the drafting of an Early Care Law, a plan for the elimination of shells and air conditioning for classrooms, a new Summer Plan for health, a plan for the eradication of poverty and another for the award of public works.