• The spokesman for Agriculture of the PPA applauds the institutional declaration of the Governing Council to demand that the Government defend the sector before the European Union
• "This declaration seeks a better promotion, more quality controls and the revision of the IRPF modules that the Government of Spain has denied twice"
The spokesman for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament, José Ramón Carmona, applauded this morning in the Chamber the institutional declaration of the Governing Council in support of the olive sector and its firm commitment to the resolution of the price crisis among all the administrations involved.

In an oral question addressed to the sector's counselor, Carmen Crespo, the people's deputy stressed that with this statement, which urges the Government to defend the sector's claims before the EU, "it is intended to ensure that there is better promotion, more controls of quality, greater concentration of the offer, or that the IRPF modules be reviewed for agricultural activities related to the oil sector”.

Carmona also specified "that the Government of the change of Juanma Moreno thus makes a commitment to self-regulation", and recalled that "the review of the IRPF modules has been denied by the Government of Spain on two occasions".

In the oral question, the deputy recalled that the Andalusian olive grove "is the safest way that exists to fix population in the territory and avoid depopulation and to achieve worldwide recognition of the commitment that the sector has made for modernization, innovation , the rise of inland tourism and agrotourism”, among other aspects.

He insisted that the new Andalusian Government "complies, commits, claims the value of our oil and that other administrations also comply with this sector that is so important for Andalusia."

Lastly, he was confident that "the downward trend in prices has stopped and there has been a change in trend, as could be indicated by the significant current growth in consumer demand for virgin and extra virgin olive oil in the face of the decline in the seed”, he concluded.