• José Ramón Carmona, recalls that "PSOE accounts relegated Agriculture to a second level"
• "Now it has stopped being the ugly duckling in the accounts thanks to the Government of the change of Juanma Moreno"
The spokesman for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Popular Group, José Ramón Carmona, has assured this afternoon that the budgets of the Government of the change "are the best allies of the Andalusian countryside." In his intervention in plenary, Carmona has defined these accounts as "ambitious and committed", ensuring that "they intend to generate an alliance with our natural environment".

He lamented that "Andalusia has seen many times how budgets relegated Agriculture to a second level", for which he was pleased that "finally the inertia is changed and the council gains political weight". "The Ministry of Agriculture has ceased to be the ugly duckling thanks to the government of Juanma Moreno", remarked the popular deputy, before assuring that under the PSOE government "the figures for non-execution of the budget were completely regrettable" given that, for For example, the water canon was not executed or the European funds were returned”.

Carmona criticized that the government of Susana Díaz "left many opportunities in the countryside because the money was not invested and the sector was not listened to, nor to farmers, hunters, cooperative members, social agents, etc." On the contrary, “the accounts now are much more sensible, realistic, and higher than in previous years, also comparing them with other ministries. Thus, Carmona gave as an example that "they are very investor because this item 1.154 million euros, an amount that represents 66% of the total."

He continued exposing that agri-food resources and funds for the creation of companies by young farmers rise by 150%, for which he considered that the Government's accounts of the change have been made "to go to the main thing, to the important thing, and attending and listening to all the sectors involved”.

He did not forget that the budgets "present a firm and clear commitment to improving competitiveness and offer aid of five million euros for prevention and environmental quality." "The decision is to bet on the circular economy, endowing it with more funds than ever," said the deputy for Malaga.

Carmona stressed that the accounts also allocate 18% more to rural roads "reaching 100 million euros and giving 100% of the aid to municipalities and councils, contrary to what happened with the previous socialist government."

With all this budgetary plan "Andalusia must continue to lead and innovate", for which he stressed the aid for young farmers and the "flexibility of business plans" or the environmental quality reactivation plan "to put an end to the administrative collapse of more than 4.300 unresolved environmental quality files”.

The deputy did not forget to highlight the four amendments from other groups that were approved in the Treasury committee of the Agriculture budget, two from Adelante Andalucía and many others from the PSOE.

These are specifically focused on: 265.00 euros in the Special Plan for the revitalization of GIAHS raisins from the Axarquía; €100.000 aid for extensive livestock; 1 million for a plan of measures against the SECA, and 500.000 euros to support the project for the construction of the canalizations of the Rules dam. “This demonstrates our ability to understand, and despite not needing the votes of these two groups, we have accepted important amendments like these,” Carmona concluded.