· It considers that the Andalusian PSOE hides the logo on its
campaign because "they are ashamed of their history, with two presidents
sitting on the bench of the accused"

· He reproaches the President of the Government for being "very hard on the
dead dictators and very cowardly with the living»

· Denounces that the Government allows "totalitarian behaviors"
and calls for the outlawing of those who "_escrache_ judges and beat up
cops on the street

· «Spain cannot fall into the indignity of allowing the
impunity for those who persecute us in the streets for a handful of
votes for the motion of no confidence

Pablo Casado

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado,
has criticized the President of the Government for treating with roses
Puigdemont, Torra and Otegi, and "with a fist" to the parties
constitutionalists, for having voted against the law of symbols,
the educational law or the law that prohibits pardons for coup plotters.
"That is what the PSOE does, a fist against constitutionalism", has

In a public act that took place in Córdoba, Casado stressed
the "excellent opportunity" wasted by the Council of Ministers of
yesterday to say what you think about the fact that the _kale borroka_ has returned to
attack a National Police station in Catalonia or that the CUP
has made an escrache in the house of Pablo Llarena.

On this point, he pointed out that in a democracy violence "is not
admissible", so "it cannot be that a government of Spain shuts up
instead of saying that you will not tolerate this type of behavior
totalitarians", at the same time that he has once again called for the outlawing of
the youth of the CUP, who "_escrachean_, beat up policemen in the
street, break the nose of women who remove yellow ribbons or come to
our houses and headquarters to try to intimidate us.

"Spain cannot fall into the indignity of allowing impunity for
those who chase us through the streets for a handful of votes to
the motion of censure", Pablo Casado emphasized, to urge
then to the President of the Government to intervene in the accounts of
the Generalitat and that they do not have funds to open embassies,
create the Council of the Republic or the Diplocat, as well as that "it
apply article 155 once and for all and recover democracy, dignity
and coexistence in Catalonia».


On the development of the Ibero-American Summit, Pablo Casado has
criticized the Prime Minister for being "very hard on the
dead dictators and very cowardly with the living. In his opinion, the attitude
of the President of the Government regarding Venezuela and the fact of not saying
"nothing" about the situation that this country is going through is a
"shame on Spain".

In this sense, he missed the fact that Sánchez spoke in Guatemala about
the dictators «Maduro, Ortega or the successor of the Castros», in a framework
-that of the Ibero-American summits- in which other ex-presidents such as
Rajoy, Aznar or González had developed a good role for our
country, unlike Rodríguez Zapatero.

Casado has reiterated the need for the Government of Spain to say
clearly that Venezuela is a dictatorship, as claimed by the
countries belonging to the Lima Group. "Where is Spain at the
time to go against the Maduro dictatorship, why doesn't Sánchez say today
does not say that we want to end a satrap who is crushing his
population, starving it to death and expelling two million Venezuelans
Outside your country?, you have wondered.

In his opinion, "Sánchez resembles Zapatero for not wanting to criticize
dictatorships, presenting an impossible and ruinous budget and for
try to rewrite our history and divide the Spanish by their
morality, his religion and his most intrinsic feelings; and it looks like
Zapatero for breaking the unity of the Spaniards, yielding to the
blackmailers of independence and the pro-ETARRAs».


On the other hand, the president of the PP has asked Susana Díaz to stop
hide the PSOE logo in the Andalusian electoral campaign, although it has
attributed this situation to the fact that "they are ashamed of what the
PSOE in Andalusia, they are ashamed of their history, with two presidents
of the PSOE sitting in the dock of the accused for a case that
reaches one billion euros.

According to the leader of the PP, "the problem is that the logo is still alive, with
too many regional barons with whom Susana Díaz does not want
find", and has stressed that the socialist candidate "maybe she has
to explain to the Andalusians why his partner from La Rioja wants to
impose in Basque on the people of La Rioja, why his partner from the Balearic Islands
wants to segment professors or doctors depending on whether they speak
Catalan; or why Ximo Puig wants to segment the children who want
learn English only if they choose the education curriculum in

«Maybe he had to explain to the Andalusians why whoever has
insulted Andalusia, the one who has laughed at the Andalusians and has
humiliated to this land, Quim Torra, rules in Sánchez, in the PSOE and in
the Government", added Casado, for whom the president of the
Generalitat "goes on the list of Susana Díaz to Andalusia", for having
voted on the motion of censure so that Pedro Sánchez could access the
Presidency of the Government.

Therefore, it has considered that "they can only blame a
logo", using "a strong fist against the weak and pink with the
friends of the Board, those who receive subsidies, those of the funds of
reptiles, training courses and ERES", in short, "pink with the
clientele cronies who support socialism and fist with the classes