• "The Government of the Nation acts out of responsibility and obligation to restore democratic normality."

• The president of the Andalusian PP participates in an act with young people from NNGG in Algeciras


The president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, has publicly expressed today the "seamless support" of the party in Andalusia for all the actions and decisions of the Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy. "We are calm because as long as there is a president of the Spanish government like Rajoy and at the head of a PP government, this great nation that is Spain will never be broken."

Juanma Moreno stressed that the National Government "acts because it has to return the Generalitat to the framework of democratic normality and compliance with the rules and laws that we have established together."

He stressed that "no one likes having had to come to these circumstances", but that what would have been desirable would have been "that the constitutional order and a fundamental framework of coexistence for Catalan society had been restored".

The president of the Andalusian PP recalled that in Catalonia there has been an "unusual situation" where "some pro-independence rulers who do not represent the majority of Catalans have done something tremendously irresponsible, they have made the biggest mistake that a public ruler can make who is harm his people."

In this sense, he pointed out that the "messianic delusion" of the Catalan independence leaders "has led Catalonia to an extreme situation of economic suicide and social confrontation where the laws of this country, including the Constitution, have been repeatedly violated."

"Given this, a democratic government has the responsibility and obligation to act," he reiterated.


Moreno has made these statements in Algeciras, where he has participated in an act of New Generations of Andalusia together with the president of the youth organization, Enrique Flores, the mayor of the town, José Ignacio Landaluce, and the president of the PP of Cádiz and delegate of the Government in Andalusia, Antonio Sanz.

The president of the Andalusian PP has strongly criticized that the management of the socialist governments in the community has placed Andalusian youth in a situation of inequality compared to the rest of Spain in terms of access to employment, education or housing, among others.

"Socialism in Andalusia is condemning an entire generation to leave the community," said Moreno, who recalled that the youth unemployment rate in Andalusia is 14 points higher than in Galicia or Madrid. In both communities there are autonomous governments of the Popular Party.

Thus, he asked for the support of young people to achieve political change in Andalusia. "Andalusia deserves that we change it for the better and for that we need a committed and rebellious youth," she said.

In budgetary matters, he stated that the Junta's Budget Project for 2018 "is not good for Andalusian youth" and said that it is "the same budget as every year that has already proven to be ineffective." He also proposed the implementation of a 'Table for Emancipation' in which the municipalities also participate.

He insisted on the need for dialogue between the PSOE and the Andalusian PP for budgets "to improve the lives of Andalusians", and recalled that there is still time for dialogue, at which point he asked the PSOE to "put the interests of Andalusia to those of his party" and open up to dialogue.