• Regrets the lack of demand and claim to the government of Pedro Sánchez
• Indicates that the Díaz government has returned to power arrogance and sectarianism in the face of the general interest

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Carmen Crespo, has denounced today that the Andalusian Government has acted in the worst possible way in the face of the migratory crisis, with passivity, with demagogy and with an alarming lack of demand and demand towards the Government of the Nation that, as he has added, "he has an enormous responsibility for the situation in which we find ourselves."

During his speech at the Justice and Interior commission that took place in the Andalusian Parliament, Crespo insisted that the Andalusian government must explain what it has done, and is doing, in the face of an unprecedented migration crisis.

For this reason, he has regretted the passivity of the Díaz government in the face of this crisis and has criticized the fact that they have not even been able to go out to the media to give support, reassurance and to reach out to municipalities where the situation is especially alarming. .

Some municipalities that, as he has stated, have had to make enormous efforts to attend as best they can to the people who have arrived. "They are overwhelmed and have to improvise measures that the Andalusian government should have planned and planned."

Thus, he has referred to data from the Budgetary Control Office and has highlighted that of a total of 4,9 million euros for integration for city councils, just over a million euros have been allocated, of which its execution has been zero euro.

At this point, he has indicated that he is sure that the Andalusian Government's roadmap would have been very different if the PP had been governing in the National Government and he has indicated that if the PP were governing, they would have lacked time to address this issue employing confrontation, incessantly demanding means and setting themselves up as paradigms of maximum sensitivity ad nauseam.

The spokesperson has indicated that we are not facing a new problem, although she has qualified that the way that the PSOE has had to address it in the different administrations is what has made it acquire an unprecedented dimension.
“The worst that can happen in immigration is the populism that resides in who is going to take photos in ports like Valencia. Populism is lurching into immigration policy. We are facing a State problem and a European problem that requires a lot of responsibility and putting frivolity aside ”, she added.
In addition, he has asserted that he hopes that this will at least serve to reflect because, as he has said, "not everything goes in matters of State and in matters like this that in our community are especially sensitive."

Crespo alluded to the lack of attention that they have shown to the multitude of complaints and demands that many groups and social institutions have revealed in their administration, always looking the other way and recalled that even the ombudsman for minors has questioned the management carried out by the Junta de Andalucía in the care of unaccompanied minors.

“The workers of the centers and the NGOs have been some of those who have asked for public responsibilities. Parliament must be visible since the Government is not and address issues like this. The images we have seen are tremendous and they are all part of a reality”.

The popular one, which has criticized that the Andalusian Government has returned from the sectoral conference empty-handed, has affirmed that the way of managing the Díaz Executive does not lead us to a good port and has criticized its sit-down policy.

Finally, he has stated that despite the fact that they constantly try to pull some headlines out of their hats to try to give normalcy to an exceptional situation, this is not going to make the images we have seen forgotten or to compensate for the silence they have maintained for what He has urged them to demand more means and resources from Sánchez to be able to alleviate this problem.