• The spokesperson for the Popular Group criticizes that the president of the Junta intends to "govern Parliament as the Junta de Andalucía" to "use it in her own interest"

• Alert that the Board does not carry out the measures that are approved in the motions of the Chamber, which are mandatory for the Andalusian Government

• Demands explanations about the new contracts awarded "by finger" by Durán to people close to the PSOE-A

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament, Carmen Crespo, has denounced today what she considers a strategy by the president of the Junta, Susana Díaz, to "outwit Parliament, try to control it and use it in their own interest."

Crespo has reported the "very low degree of compliance" of the measures approved through the motions that, he recalled, the Board has the obligation to carry them out. He said that the balance that the analysis that the Popular Group has made reveals the "mockery" of the Díaz executive at Parliament.

Thus, he recalled that of the four motions approved by the plenary that were debated at the initiative of the Popular Group and whose execution period has already expired, only one has been carried out, on health care.

The three motions of the PP approved and not complied with are on Disability policies, from July 2016, which requested, among other things, the payment of arrears and the end of the cuts to the disabled groups; another on Justice of the same date that showed his rejection of the cuts and asked for an increase in the items; and finally one on Youth policies from January of this year in which the approval of an Andalusian Youth Law was urged.

"The Andalusian socialists have ended up thinking that they are untouchable," said the popular leader, who regretted that Parliament approves "mandatory" proposals, such as motions, which are then not carried out.

He reproached the president of the Board for this contempt for Parliament, which, he said, "he wants to use in his own interest, without respecting the separation of powers", at which point he demanded "explanations" about the "handwritten contracts" awarded by the President of the Chamber, the socialist Juan Pablo Durán, after the controversial award of an institutional contract to the company where his nephew works.

He said that Díaz intends to exercise "control" over Parliament "turning the president into his puppet", so that, as it appears today in some media, Durán has spent more than 55.000 euros through six contracts " by finger” without public contest or publicity. One of them, for a value of 15.609 euros, has been for a company that counts as administrators a former director of the Information Services of the Andalusian Government Spokesperson's Office in the Manuel Chaves era and a former director of Canal Sur.

"That is the reality that we see in Parliament, the hiring of people close to the PSOE-A," he snapped. She said that the president of the Board has to explain herself and she cannot remain silent any longer "because there are many questions about these new contracts that have come to light."