• The PP has registered requests to find out in which hospitals there have been new contracts, how many people have been hired and what type of contracts have been made

• It is also going to present a NLP to request the implementation of the primary care teams that have been eliminated in Andalusia.

• "We hope that Cs will side with the Andalusians this time and not with Susana Díaz"

• Denounces the failure of the Board's plans in hospital emergencies and primary care and the frustration that this entails for Andalusian health professionals

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Carmen Crespo, regretted today that while tragic events are taking place in Andalusian health, Susana Díaz remains silent with the blind support of Ciudadanos, at the same time that she has denounced that the Board's plans in hospital emergencies and in primary care they have been an absolute failure.

"The events in Andalusian healthcare are increasing with the same intensity as Susana Díaz's silences in this regard," he has sentenced.

The popular spokeswoman, who recalled that the PP has requested an extraordinary plenary session to deal with this situation of Andalusian health, which has been opposed by both the PSOE and the Cs, has indicated that one of the serious problems of Andalusian health is care primary.

In this way, he has added that the organizational chaos, the lack of professionals and the lack of investment cause patients to end up knocking on the doors of hospital emergency services.

In this sense, he pointed out that a year ago the SAS announced that it was beginning a Primary Care Renewal Plan, a plan that he has assured has been an absolute failure.

Crespo has stressed that in June 2014 the Board announced the implementation of a Plan for Hospital Emergencies that, as planned, would be fully operational in October of that same year.

A plan that also appears in the investiture agreement of PSOE and Cs in which they initial the commitment of the Díaz government to develop a Plan for the Improvement of Hospital Emergency Units with the hiring of health professionals.

At this point, he has announced that the Popular Group has registered written questions to find out in which hospitals there have been new hires, how many people have been hired and what type of contracts have been made. “Occultism is enough in Andalusian health. We want to know if the number of professionals that the Ministry says it has hired is true ”, he added.

In addition, it has announced that they are going to present a Non-Legal Proposal in the next plenary session of the Andalusian Parliament to request the implementation in all Andalusian health centers of primary care teams made up of doctors, nurses and emergency health technicians. that have been removed.

"We hope that Cs will side with the Andalusians this time and not on the side of Susana Díaz," he added.

The popular has asserted that the plans of the Board in hospital emergencies and primary care fail and frustrate Andalusian health professionals, for which it has ensured that the PP will not stop until the appropriate explanations are given and measures are put in place underway so that our community has the health model it deserves.

Finally, he alluded to the closure of the operating rooms to supply the High Frequency Plan, as has happened in the PTS in Granada and in the Hospital de Poniente in Almería. “Everything reflects the improvisation of the Andalusian Government in this plan. They speak of numbers without being accurate and to this is added the lack of necessary infrastructure. Everything represents a failure of the health model that must change because it no longer gives of itself ”, he concluded.