• The PP denounces the "flight effect" caused by the SAS Summer Plan in professionals and the "fear" of getting sick among patients
• The Plan presented this year is a carbon copy of previous years that have caused a collapse in care and overload in physicians.
• Regional financing: the PP presents an initiative in which it demands "dates and amounts" from the Sánchez government.
• She believes that Díaz's attitude makes her an "accomplice" in Pedro Sánchez's "betrayal" of Andalusia: "political mortgages cannot be paid at the expense of the interests of Andalusians"

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, Carmen Crespo, has expressed today the "concern" of the PP about the 'Summer Plan' of the Andalusian Health Service for this 2018. "The Summer Plan is a scam that seriously harms health of the Andalusians”, said the popular leader, who indicated that it is “the clearest example of the black hole that the management of Susana Díaz has become”.
The PP spokesperson in Parliament said that, for yet another year, the plan arrives "late" and "lack of transparency", as denounced by the professionals, who, she indicated, "do not want to be told about percentages but about the Total number of professionals that are going to be replaced during the vacation period”.
The Popular Group maintains permanent contact with the representatives of health professionals, who have conveyed the "fear" that exists among physicians "to practice in Andalusian public health due to collapse and overload", especially during the summer months. Crespo pointed out that the Summer Plan causes a “flight effect” due to the conditions in which professionals are forced to work, and recalled that the unions have come to speak of “exploitation”.
In this sense, he denounced that although the Summer Plan has an endowment of more than 111 million euros this year, the figure has only increased by 3% compared to 2017. The budget is still 18% below what was allocated in 2008. In ten years, the figure has been reduced by more than 25 million euros, despite the fact that the influx of visitors to Andalusia and the number of visitors is gradually increasing.
In addition, he stressed that each year the Board stops spending 100 million euros in its budget from the chapter allocated to health personnel. "This budget that is not spent is of vital importance to address substitutions in summer," he added, while considering that the Andalusian government "loses an opportunity in summer to alleviate the situation on waiting lists."
In this sense, he criticized that the Ministry of Health has not yet published the waiting lists of the Andalusian public health system, a fact that he attributed to an "increase" in them and the proximity of the regional elections.
"Whoever discredits health is the one who does not manage the resources and who carries everything on the back of the professionals," said the PP spokeswoman. "It cannot be that Andalusians are afraid of getting sick in summer," she added, while she announced that the PP will question the Minister of Health on this matter in the parliamentary plenary session next week.
He criticized the "lack of real commitment" of Susana Díaz with Andalusian public health, as demonstrated yesterday, when the Governing Council positioned itself contrary to a Law Proposal of the Andalusian PP so that the Junta de Andalucía pays Andalusian hemophiliac patients who were infected with hepatitis in the treatments the debt owed to them for 16 years, as the rest of the autonomous communities have already done. “It is about the equality of Andalusian patients with those of the rest of Spain”, she concluded.


On the other hand, I announce that the PP will defend in the plenary session next week an initiative in defense of the interests of Andalusia before the decision of
Pedro Sánchez to paralyze the reform of regional financing. He said that the Andalusian PSOE, with the arrival of Sánchez in Moncloa, "the demands of the National Government have run out", and criticized the "postures" of the socialists when presenting a parliamentary initiative in which it does not commit deadlines nor quantities. The PP requests in its initiative that Andalusia already have the new financing model on January 1, 2019.
"Pedro Sánchez cannot pay the political mortgages at the expense of the interests of Andalusia," said Crespo, who said that this "betrayal" of Andalusia will have the "complicity" of Susana Díaz if he does not demand a clear commitment from Sánchez, "with dates and quantities”, in the meeting that they will hold on July 23.