• Requires Díaz to explain where the next year's budget is
• «The PSOE and Cs have insisted that we Andalusians live in uncertainty»
• Points out that this uncertainty is what causes the paralysis of the economy and in the Administration.
• Urges the Andalusians to rebel against the withered government of PSOE and Cs

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Carmen Crespo, has affirmed today in Andalusia that there is no instability but that what there is is fear of the PSOE of corruption and fear of Cs of the PP and its promotion, at the same time that she has demanded that Susana Díaz to explain where next year's budget is.
Crespo has referred to the fear of the PSOE to the corruption of the ERE and the cards 'black? and he has pointed out that between now and March, which is the date scheduled for regional elections, there is enough time to find out in Parliament what has happened to those cards. "The Andalusians have the right to go to vote with all the information in their possession and knowing what has really happened."
Crespo has indicated that this week the plenary sessions in the Andalusian Parliament resume and that we do so with the uncertainty of knowing if it will be the last plenary session of this legislature because, as he has said, "the PSOE and Cs have insisted that the Andalusians We live in uncertainty.

At this point, it has affected that this uncertainty is negative and harmful because it causes the paralysis of the economy and also in the Administration.

The popular has asserted that the Andalusians do not want to know the date of the elections but are focused on other issues that affect them, such as knowing what is happening with the oppositions of the SAS scheduled for October 27 or what is happening with the budgets of 2019.

For this reason, he pointed out that there is no instability in Andalusia, since he recalled that there is a budget approved and in force until December 31, 2018, and he stressed that so far there has been no attempt to approve the budget for next year. .

«When Susana Díaz tries to approve the budget and fails in this Parliament, then she will be able to speak of instability. But that hasn't happened," she added.

In this sense, he has asked himself where the budget for next year is and has explained that in the previous budgets the processing of the Draft Budget Law took place on September 1 while the phase and the draft were announced on the 14th.

Crespo has indicated that Susana Díaz has felt comfortable with Cs, she has been an accomplice of her government, looking the other way with the corruption and plugging of the PSOE. «In Andalusia we have had during these last three years a bipartite government of PSOE and Cs. Juan Marín has been the number 2 of Susana Díaz. In these three and a half years he has been co-responsible for a withered government that has allowed issues that concern us all ».

In this way, he has criticized that the PSOE-Cs Government is the one that has maintained Andalusia as the land with the highest tax burden in Spain and the one that has allowed restrictions on access to medicines, due to an auction that discriminates against Andalusians.

Thus, he has stated that it has been this government that has shelved the training scandal and has been the paralysis of Occupational Vocational Training, failing to invest 2.365 million euros.

The popular has added that it has been the PSOE-CS government that has tried to cover the 'black' cards by dissolving the Chamber in a hurry and the one that withdrew the Board as an accusation of the ERE case, thus renouncing to recover the 800 million euros defrauded .

He has also asserted that it has been this government that has made cuts in healthcare and Early Care.

«The budgets of PSOE and Cs of these three years are those of chaos in the emergencies of public hospitals. This has been the government of youth unemployment, with the rate in Andalusia standing at 48%, 11 points higher than the national average », he concluded.

Finally, he has criticized the fact that this last year has been one of paralysis and a lack of ideas and has assured that the PSOE-Cs government has been harmful to the interests of our community, for which reason he has urged Andalusians to rebel against this withered government.