• The spokesperson for the PP in the Andalusian Parliament denounces the "excessive effort" of the socialists and their alliance with the ERC independentistas to "muzzle" those affected by a "harmful" auction for patients and professionals

• «There has not been a shelving of the European Parliament, but a political veto of the PSOE and IU with the votes of ERC»

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Andalusian Parliament, Carmen Crespo, today denounced the "political veto" of the Socialists to prevent the European Parliament from obtaining information about the Andalusian government's drug auction that would allow the institution to rule on it.

Crespo responded to the socialist spokesman, Mario Jiménez, emphasizing that what happened yesterday "was not a shelving by Parliament, which has not been able to investigate and discover the reality of the auction, but a political veto by the socialists and the United Left, which He has not hesitated to seek the ERC independentistas as allies to avoid debate.

He wondered why this "panic" that has spread among the Socialists since the Association of Andalusian Pharmacists decided to reach the European institution to defend patients and professionals, which has caused, he recalled, an "excessive, unprecedented and extreme effort »among the socialist MEPs, pushed by the government of Susana Díaz and the PSOE-A, to avoid «first that the matter reached the Committee on Petitions, and then that said committee could receive more information, which is what the vote yesterday afternoon.

"Everything to prevent a failed management of the Díaz government, which is also harmful to the health of Andalusians, from being exposed in Europe," he added.

He pointed out that the demand that came to Europe is that of professionals and patient associations "who want freedom, as is the case in other communities, to access the drugs that best suit them according to their diseases."
Carmen Crespo clarified that the Andalusians can only access 533 medicines compared to the more than 10.000 that are available in other Spanish autonomous communities because of this auction, which the Andalusian government relies on merely economic criteria compared to what should prevail, which is the health of the Andalusians.

«The auction of medicines is a perverse system that the Junta has created, which generates discrimination between Andalusians and Spaniards, and which has been shown to be counterproductive and harmful, as is the case of polymedicated patients who currently have doubts about their own medication. and they abandon some treatments because their medication is constantly being changed and because of the Junta's fault. It is a bad system that has caused continuous shortages, "he stressed.

He regretted that the opportunism and electoral interest of the PSOE will outweigh the interest in Andalusia yesterday. "It has been a vote of the left-wing parties to save the Andalusian government, which has given priority to political, economic and partisan interest over the general interest of trying to improve the situation of patients," he concluded.