• "The only way out for Durán is to give immediate explanations and if not present his resignation"

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Carmen Crespo, has today asked the president of Parliament, Juan Pablo Durán, to give immediate explanations for hiring a company where his nephew works to carry out the campaign to commemorate December 4 that he has launched the Andalusian Parliament.

Crespo has assured that "the only way out that Durán has is to give immediate explanations and if not to present his resignation", at the same time that he has urged the rest of the political parties to position themselves because, as he has said, "no one can leave off on a tangent with this matter.”

In this sense, he stressed that the subject of this contract has not been seen in the Parliamentary Bureau, which is why it has affected the fact that the members of the Bureau have no knowledge on this subject.

In another order of things, he has referred to the debate on the Budgets that is taking place in the Andalusian Parliament and has stressed that yesterday the parliamentary roller of the PSOE that rejected, among other amendments, the one presented by the PP to reduce the number of senior officials.

At this point, he has criticized that PSOE, with the support of Cs, have rejected en bloc the amendments presented by the rest of the parties and whose contributions would mean the improvement of a budget that is of vital importance for all Andalusians.

Finally, he recalled that PSOE and Cs have presented 23 and 17 amendments to the budgets compared to the more than a thousand amendments that the rest of the parties have presented, 640 of them from the Popular Group,