• Ensures that the legal proposals raised by the PP in relation to Inheritance and Donations Tax are complementary

• Denies that the abolition of this tax affects the provision of services.

• «The compensation of Nevada is practically the same as the impact of the rebate of this tax»

• Indicates that "Díaz has gone from being the president of the primaries to being the president of the botch jobs" The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, Carmen Crespo, has affirmed today that the obsession of the president of the Board, Susana Díaz, is not to subsidize the Inheritance and Donations Tax because she does not want to agree with Juanma Moreno nor the PP.

Crespo recalled that the Governing Council spoke yesterday against the consideration of two Law Proposals of the Andalusian PP for the modification of the Inheritance and Donations Tax in Andalusia.

At this point, he has assured that the Andalusian PP will continue to insist that this Parliament approve the maximum bonus for this tax. «It is not the first time that the PP presents initiatives in this regard. In fact we have been presenting them since 2004 », he added.

The popular has stressed that the two bills presented by the PP are not contrary but complementary and has indicated that today the PP has once again brought this matter to the Table so that it can be included in next week's plenary session.

"In this way, Citizens will have a unique opportunity to vote on this initiative that society is asking for as it is an unfair tax for Andalusians," he added.

Crespo, who has denounced that the PSOE refuses to abolish this tax that does not exist in other autonomous communities governed by the Socialists, has denied that its abolition affects the provision of services and has argued that it only affects 0,5% of the budget.

"The compensation from Nevada is practically the same as the impact of the Inheritance and Gift Tax bonus."


In another order of things, he has referred to the bungling of the Andalusian Government in matters of Health and Education.

With regard to Education, he has criticized the shock plan for air conditioning in 1% of Andalusian schools and has lamented that it arrives late and badly and that the Andalusian Government continues to improvise on all the problems that are arising in our community.

"Susana Díaz has gone from being the president of the primaries to being the president of the botched jobs," she asserted.

The popular spokesperson has referred to the news published today in the media in which it is stated that the Seville Prosecutor's Office considers that there was prevarication in the decision of the Ministry of Education to hire "by finger" the daughter of her ex chief inspector.

In this sense, he has recalled that the PP denounced this matter in September 2016 and has qualified that he came to request the files up to four times.

"The PP is going to ask for explanations in this regard in the Andalusian Parliament through an urgent question," he pointed out.

Crespo has also alluded to the Andalusian Government's Health Summer Plan and has lamented the absence of dialogue with health professionals, as well as the lack of transparency.

Finally, he has denounced that of the 100% of the substitutions that are necessary to be able to cover the summer plan, only 60% will be covered.