• He affirms that Susana Díaz should appear at her own request to give explanations on this matter.
• Urges him to present the list of movements of the Faffe cards
• Remember that Fernando Villén was Secretary of Employment of the Andalusian PSOE Executive “In whose hands has the PSOE put employment in Andalusia?”

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Carmen Crespo, has affirmed today that the Board's cards are becoming more 'black' every day, at the same time that she has indicated that it is increasingly the responsibility of Susana Díaz for what she has insisted is It is essential that it provide transparency in this matter.

Crespo has alluded to the news published today in a newspaper where the former director of the Faffe, Fernando Villén, admits that he used an entity card to pay at a hostess club, as the Andalusian PP had been denouncing based on the reports of the UCO.

In this sense, he has stated that the evidence that the Andalusian Government requested yesterday is in the mouth of the person who was responsible for the Faffe and Secretary of Employment of the Executive of the Andalusian PSOE. "Into whose hands has the PSOE put employment in Andalusia?", He has asked him.

The popular has asserted that Díaz is left without excuses and that today he must provide the lists of movements of the Faffe cards. “It is his obligation to present them. Díaz must provide transparency and not strive to remove responsibilities ”.

Crespo has affirmed that both the Andalusian Government and Díaz must appear in Parliament at their own request because, as he has qualified, "the Andalusians deserve transparency in this matter."

In addition, he has added that, as the Andalusian PP has denounced in the Faffe, there were several credit cards from the Junta with which they paid for accommodation, meals, gasoline and also in a hostess club in Seville. "The Employment Counselor as well as the spokesperson for the Board, as well as Susana Díaz herself, have lied about this matter."

For this reason, it has stressed that the Andalusian Government must clarify how many cards there were or are in the Junta de Andalucía; in which companies, entities and foundations; who have used them and what has been paid.

“If according to Villén there was only a payment of 538 euros in a hostess club that was later returned, why is there no refund for that amount in the list of movements provided to the Civil Guard by the owner of the club? “, He questioned.

Likewise, I have referred to another question that remains to be clarified and that is with what money the reimbursement of the card expense was paid, since according to

published today the Civil Guard has asked Faffe employees if the returns were made with cash from the entity's central treasury.

At this point, he recalled that the UCO found thirteen safes with cash funds to finance expenses: four boxes at the foundation's headquarters and one box in each of the nine offices.

“If Díaz wanted to, he would put an end to doubts in 24 hours by presenting the movements of the Faffe cards. The Andalusian government has fallen into contradictions, not providing transparency in this matter and attacking the PP ”, he added.

Finally, he added that "Díaz's effort to cover up the truth is not from 10 years ago, it is here and now", at the same time that he has criticized that Ciudadanos has not ruled on the matter either, despite the fact that they want to show themselves to the public. Andalusians as the "champions of political regeneration".

"Díaz is obliged as president to pronounce herself on the merits of the matter and clearly censor the use of public money for the unemployed to pay at a hostess club," she concluded.