• The PP is already working on the documentation and the appearing parties that it will request in the Faffe Investigation Commission
• He maintains that in Andalusia "there is an extreme situation" with cases of corruption and that Díaz "has an opportunity to explain" in the Senate
• Denounces Díaz's “complicit silence” regarding the 1.400 million that Sánchez will transfer to Catalonia while he continues to deny Andalusia the 4.000 million of regional financing

The spokesperson for the Popular Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, Carmen Crespo, has assured today that "Andalusians cannot go to the polls without knowing the whole truth about the Faffe and the 'black' cards with which they paid at a club alternate”. Before the meeting of the commission of investigation of the Faffe that will be held next Friday, the popular spokesperson said that the PP is already working on the documentation that it will request, the appearing parties, or a work schedule.
He affirmed that "the PSOE has wanted to kill the commission of investigation before it was born", first, presenting a document against which it has delayed its constitution for two months. “Susana Díaz has been forced by circumstances, and the PSOE dragged her letter out,” she said.
He said that, given the rumors of an imminent electoral advance, "there is no real justification" for it, except for the "fear" of the president of the Board of Pedro Sánchez's policies or, he stressed, the "panic" of Susana Díaz to the corruption scandals of Andalusian socialism, especially the payment with public money, through a 'black' card, in a hostess club in Seville by the managing director of the Faffe, Fernando Villén.
Crespo also criticized the attitude of Podemos and Ciudadanos, which prevented the PP from holding the presidency of said commission. "The sectarianism of Podemos and Ciudadanos cannot be above the search for the truth," he added.
The PP spokesperson in Parliament recalled that the PP "has been presenting initiatives in the Autonomous Chamber on the Faffe for two legislatures, and we have always found ourselves blocked by the PSOE."
Among the documentation that the Popular Group will request to be sent to the Investigation Commission are the statements of the entry and exit of funds from the 13 safes that the Andalusian Training and Employment Fund (Faffe) had in its different headquarters in Andalusia, as well as the detail of the cards and movements that were made with them.
It should be remembered that initially, the Board assured that there was only one card in the Faffe and that it originated 1.563 euros of expenses in three years. Later it was learned that a Faffe Mastercard from the Unicaja entity was used for a total amount of 14.737 euros at the Don Angelo hostess club in Seville. There is also a card from the Caja San Fernando for which the Board has not yet given the movements, despite the insistence of the Popular Party in claiming it.
Carmen Crespo denounced that the employment counselor "from the beginning has been untruthful", and for this reason she will request his appearance before the commission. Among those appearing, the PP also wants to call the former managing director of the Faffe, Fernando Villén, the former Employment Minister, Antonio Fernández; the owner of the club 'Don Angelo'; the businessmen who denounced rigging in the contracts; as well as some workers.
"We are going to give all the push possible to the commission of investigation." "Díaz has panicked about corruption and he wants the Andalusians to go vote without knowing what has happened in the Faffe," he said.


Regarding the summons of the president of the Junta to appear in the Senate in the commission that investigates the irregular financing of the parties, at the proposal of the PP, on November 8, Crespo affirmed that Díaz "would not have to worry", and that "It is a unique opportunity for me to explain what is happening in Andalusia with corruption."
The PP spokesperson in Parliament stated that in Andalusia "there is an extreme situation with cases of corruption" and recalled that in the community "there are a large number of senior socialist officials involved in cases of corruption in the Junta governments" .
He said that Díaz "cannot run away" and recalled that the president of the Board "gave the order to withdraw the private prosecution in the ERE case, which meant giving up recovering 741 million defrauded."
“In the courts and in Parliament there is talk of a network of patronage, of plugging; Díaz must explain himself, ”he concluded.


On the other hand, Carmen Crespo announced that the PP will ask for explanations in this plenary session for Díaz's "accomplice silence" regarding the 1.400 million euros that the government of Pedro Sánchez is going to transfer to the Generalitat of Catalonia, thanks to the agreement reached by the that, in addition, the Government will grant a loan through the FLA to cover a debt of 2.700 million with financial entities.
Crespo denounced that, meanwhile, Sánchez continues to deny Andalusia the 4.000 million euros of the reform of regional financing "that Díaz demanded day in and day out from the PP government as well."
"1.400 million to Catalonia and zero to Andalusia," said Crespo, who reproached the "complicit silence" of the president of the Junta, with the decision of the Employment Minister not to attend today's meeting with the Government and send instead to the general director of financing and taxes